Homemade Gifts to Make for Mother’s Day

Gift for Mother's Day,Concept.

This Mother’s Day why not surprise mom with a gift you have made especially for her?  She will love the fact that you have taken the time to make something that is extra special and thoughtful. Best of all you can make a gift that is sure to please Mom, since you are making it just for her. These easy to make gifts are both fun and affordable to make. Here are some ideas for homemade gifts to make for Mother’s Day-

Alligator Sewing Kit-This nifty kit that provides a sewing book, for pins and needles, is sure to please the mom who sews.

What you will need: 
Felt (green, white, and red)
Pinking shears (optional)
Green yarn
Green pompons
Googly eyes
Green sequins or beads

Instructions for the project: The first step is to cut an oval (approximately 8 by 2 inches) out of the green felt. Using the white felt, cut the same shape, but slightly smaller. Then cut one from the red felt that’s a bit smaller still. You can create jagged teeth around the edge of the white felt by trimming it with pinking shears.Careful center the pieces on top of each other (green, white, then red). Fold the stack in half and press with an iron (an adult’s job). Using the yarn and needle, sew two or three large stitches, through the center of the stack of felt to bind the three layers. Then you can tie the ends of the yarn into a double knot (on the outside of the alligator) and trim off any excess. To add eyes to the alligator, glue green pompons and googly eyes, and for a snout, glue or sew on the sequins or beads.Variations: If you have a different animal in mind, (like a cat, dog or owl) you can simply choose other felt colors and add ears.

Mosaic Flowerpot-By doing this craft you can preserve old treasures and create a useful gift in the process. Mom will simply love it!

What you will need:
Pieces of broken pottery, tiles, beads, marbles, beach glass, shells or charms
Ceramic tile grout (available at hardware stores)
Plastic knife
Terra-cotta flowerpot

Instructions for the project: Begin by covering the entire work space with newspaper. Keep in mind that before the project is started, someone should sort through the pottery pieces and discard any that have sharp edges (an adult’s job). When you are ready to begin, spread a heavy layer of tile grout onto the flowerpot with the plastic knife. Carefully press the tile pieces into the wet grout. When you are finished, spread a little more grout between the pieces so that most of the broken edges are covered. After the pot is completely dry, gently wipe off any grout film with a damp sponge.Tips:If you don’t have broken pottery, place chipped, leftover tiles in a clear plastic bag (this way you can see what you’re smashing). Carefully break them with a hammer. Another good source for broken tiles is your local tile or hardware store;  where many will give you broken display tiles for free.

Beauty Eye mask-Mom can use this to relax and de stress.

What you will need:
Flannel-backed satin fabric
16-inch length elastic
5 tablespoons flaxseed
3 tablespoons dried lavender

Instructions for the project: Cut two eye mask sized pieces from flannel-backed satin. On the satin side of one piece, use tacky glue to attach rickrack edging and two 2-inch lengths of black fringe fabric trim eyelashes. You can trim the fringe if necessary. Carefully run a line of glue around the flannel-side edge of the other fabric piece, leaving an inch-wide gap. Glue the ends of a 16-inch length of elastic to the flannel. Lay the other fabric piece on top, satin side up, and gently press the pieces together. After the glue dries, you can use a funnel to pour 5 tablespoons of flaxseed and 3 tablespoons of dried lavender into the opening and glue it closed. Before using the pillow, heat it in a microwave for about 20 seconds to warm the flaxseed and release the lavender scent.

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