Ideas for A Surprisingly Simple Mother’s Day


There are as many different ways to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day as there are different types of mom. The fun of Mother’s Day is that you can choose a special and unique way to honor your Mom. The only limits are the limits to your creativity. To get you started here are some ideas for Mother’s Day-

Let Mom play a game-You can make up a game to amuse Mom on her special day. Let her be a kid while she does a scavenger hunt around the house. At the end of the hunt, she can find a bouquet of flowers, or a beautifully wrapped gift. Or if puzzles are her thing, design a puzzle that gives the clues as to where she can find her gifts. 

Make Up A Song for Mom-Whether you are musical or not, Mom will love a song all about her. You can write your own original song, or borrow a classic to put your lyrics to.  To get you started here is one-M is for the million things she does for me! 

Make a fairy tale coupon book-This is like the traditional coupon book, but better!  Start by dreaming up a fairy tale that includes favors for mom in the plot and write them down in a pre-made book to give to Mom on Mother’s Day. Buy a hardbound book with blank pages that is  made specifically for kids to write stories in. Think of a simple story that can be written in the book that includes 5 favors the kids can do for mom such as “That morning, the princess cleaned her room as a favor for her mommy.” You can even write “Favor Coupon” in big letters on the page along with illustrations. Remember that the book can contain more pages than favors offered which can be filled in with more parts of the story and pictures.

Learn all about Mom-Why not make Mother’s Day really all about Mom? If Mom grew up nearby why not take a drive to see where she went to school, the movies and hung out with her friends. If going to her hometown isn’t possible, then why not spend part of the day looking at pictures of  your Mom when she was growing up. You can make the time even more fun by learning her favorite song, favorite food, and what she wanted to be when she grew up. For an extra special gift, why not gather the photos and stories, and put them all in a book, just for her. 

Have a tea party for Mom-While taking Mom out for tea can be a lot of fun (even boys will enjoy the yummy treats). There is no reason why you can’t do the same at home. Choose a lovely spot (outside if the weather permits) and set up a fully decked out tea table. China, silver, flowers and cloth napkins will make it extra special. You can find lots of easy recipes for tea sandwiches, scones and yummy desserts (or the local bakery can always help). Brew a pot of Mom’s favorite tea and let her be the center of attention, during an afternoon of genteel fun. 

Give Mom the day or the night off-Too often we think that Mom must have a gift that she can unwrap and keep, when all she may want is some time off from being a Mom. Theater tickets, gift certificates to a grown up restaurants, coupons for spa treatments, or even a receipt for a paid gourmet cooking class, can all excite Mom and let her have the well deserved break. Just focus on finding out what your Mom would like to be doing, but doesn’t and you’ll have the perfect way to show her you care.

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