A Mother’s Day Prayer to Reverence Your Mother


Mother’s Day is the day set aside to honor Mother. Sometimes this honoring is done through prayer, because traditionally the honoring of mothers was done at church. While this is not so much the case any longer, mothers’ prayers are still being offered in honor of the holiday, and as a way to honor mothers.

Mothers were traditionally honored by their families wearing symbolic carnations, and saying prayers of gratitude. This was done in a church, as part of the service being dedicated to Mothers and their contributions. Thus, using a prayer as a part of your Mother’s Day celebration is not only normal, but very traditional.

This prayer is often read before a Mother’s Day meal, when the family is gathered, and before the food is served. It is typically said with raised glasses, similar to a toast.

Mothers Day Prayer
May the blessing of the Divine
Be an especially bright benediction
Upon mothers everywhere
On your blessed day -On Mother’s Day!

This next Mother’s Day prayer is by Susan Kramer, and is well known because of the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to mothers. It is also a great one to recite as a family when you are gathered together to celebrate Mother’s Day:

A blessing and prayer tribute to all mothers
“Blessed be all mothers
Who have come into our lives
Whose kindness, care and loving
Remain with us to guide.

Your inspiration in us
Made us strive in every way
Especially to remember
Helping others makes our day.

Mothers, this little tribute
Flows directly from my heart
You are so loved and cherished
Invaluable, one and all, you are.
-Susan Kramer

There are any number of Mother’s Day prayers that can be said or recited as part of the Mother’s Day celebration. You can use one like the two mentioned above, look up others online, or write your own. A Mother’s Day prayer does not have to be for any specific religion or belief system, but rather, should focus on the divine nature and worth of mothers, their contributions to our families, communities, and world as a whole.

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