Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschool


Mother’s Day crafts are a fun activity for preschoolers to do. Crafts done by preschoolers for Mother’s Day can be used as gifts, decorations, etc. for mom on her special day. The following are a few Mother’s Day craft projects for preschoolers:

Cards: Preschoolers love to color and love to create pictures and cards for their parents. So, you can turn this love into a great Mother’s Day craft project. You can pre-make the cards by folding a piece of craft or construction paper in half, or fourths. You can then cut out shapes or other pieces of paper. You can use crayons, stickers, markers, etc. Let them decorate the card however they want. You can have a small poem or words that you can write down in the center so that there is a message, then let each child sign their name. You can put it in an envelope and let them decorate even the outside of the envelope.

What I love about mother page: Another fun craft you can do with a preschooler is a page called, “What I love about mother!” It is a page where you help the preschooler write down what they love, such as: “Her singing voice.” Or “The cookies she makes.” Then, after you write them down, the preschooler can draw a picture for each thing she or he loves about their mother. This is a fun activity. You can provide stickers, buttons, crayons, or whatever else to help them make the page more exciting. You can frame it or laminate it to make it last longer if you want it to be a better gift.

Cereal necklaces: Yet another Mother’s Day craft that is the perfect craft for preschoolers is cereal necklaces. Jewelry is a fun craft idea, and a fun way for preschoolers to make something fun for Mother’s Day. The way this craft is made is by cutting out pieces of yarn for each preschooler, then providing them with a big bowl of cheerios, fruit loops, or something else that is round and has a place to run a string through. Let them string it in whatever pattern they want. Tie it when it is finished, and remind the preschooler that they need to not eat it because it is a necklace for their mom. Once their mom has been given it, they could maybe eat some of it.

When doing Mother’s Day crafts for preschool, just remember to let the kids put their own stamp on it, as it is for their mother. In addition, if there is cutting or gluing needed for the craft, make sure there are people to help so that they don’t make a big mess, or ruin their craft by dumping out too much glue.  A good idea is to do the cutting and prep work before so that all they have to do is color.

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