More Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschool Age Kids

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Mother’s Day crafts are a great way for preschoolers to spend some time. They tend to enjoy making something for their mom, and will love being able to present their mom with a Mother’s Day craft that they created. When you help a preschooler make a Mother’s Day craft remember that if you prepare things, pre-cut everything, and get some glue sticks so that if they need to glue anything on, it will be easy, and low mess. Here are a few Mother’s Day craft ideas for preschoolers:

Jewelry box decoration: This is a fun craft where you buy a pre-made box from a craft store, and then supply the child with items to decorate it. For example, they may want to use gems, or paint, or glitter, or cover it with scrapbook paper. The possibilities are endless. The idea is to create a fun, memorable box. They can write their name on it, or “Mom” and decorate around the edges. The premade boxes from craft stores come in a number of sizes and materials. You can get cardboard ones, or something a little sturdier. You can get something that is the size to hold a single item of jewelry, or you can get a larger box that can hold several items. It can also be fun to make a piece of jewelry for mom to include in the box.

Mother’s Day poem picture color: For this Mother’s Day craft for preschoolers, you are going to supply the preschooler with a paper with a great Mother’s Day poem on it, and let them color around the poem and decorate it as they see fit. You could instruct them to draw pictures of their favorite things that their mother does for them, or things they would like to share with their mom, etc. You can select any poem that works for your preschooler. Here is a great option for one:

M is for the many times you’ve hugged me,
O’s for the outstanding things you do,
M is all our memories together —
Mom, I am so glad that I have you!

by Leanne Guenther

The preschoolers can use the words from this poem to inspire what they draw, and you can laminate it and use it as a great gift for mom.

Handprint plate:For this craft you are going to need paper plates, hand paint, ribbon, and a hole punch. Punch two holes in the bottom of a paper plate, and thread the ribbon through and tie a bow. Then, you are going to take the preschooler’s hand and do a handprint in the middle of the plate. On the back of the plate, a separate paper, or abover the handprint, include this lovely poem:

I miss you when we’re not together
I’m growing up so fast
See how big I’ve gotten
Since you saw me last?
As I grow, I’ll change a lot,
The years will fly right by.
You’ll wonder how I grew so quick
When and where and why?
So look upon this handprint   (“these handprints” if you do both hands)
That’s hanging on your wall.
And memories will come back of me,
When I was very small.
This craft makes a great gift for mom.

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