Mother's Day Fun

mother's day fun


Short Mother’s Day Poems


Poems make great additions to Mother’s Day. They can be used as part of the celebration, where you recite the poems to your mom. They make a great insert to a card sent for Mother’s Day. They make a great gift, you can print them out and frame them really nice as a gift. The […]

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Mother’s Day Handprint Poems

Handprint Kids

Mothers love anything that their children make. If you are looking for a great craft for a school Mother’s Day project, or just want the mom in your life to be impressed, these handprint poems can make lovely additions to certain crafts. Simply having children paint their hands and add the handprints to a printed […]

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Poems to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Card

For an extra special touch to a Mother’s Day card or gift, you may want to consider adding a poem. Writers throughout the ages have waxed poetic about their mothers, and there are lots of wonderful sentiments that you can use to show your Mom how much you care. From the contemporary to the old […]

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Mother’s Day Poems to Tug Her Heartstrings

Love Poem

Mothers seem to have been an inspiration for poetry throughout the ages. Everyone from professional writers, philosophers and everyday kids has taken up the pen to write in praise of their mother. Whether you are looking for a lovely poem for a Mother’s Day program or want to make a card extra special, these poems […]

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Scriptures That Refer to Mothers

Woman Holding Bible

Mother’s Day was traditionally a holiday celebrated in church, where the mothers in the congregation would wear white carnations. Sharing scriptures about mothers, and using bible verses to express how important your mother is to you is a great activity for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day related scriptures also make great insides to a card, and […]

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Short Mother’s Day Poems Too

Pretty Flowers

The following are some short Mother’s Day poems that are perfect for almost any situation or person, or any message you want to send to mom, whether it is blessing them, thanking them, or letting them know how much you love them. From the husband: Happy Mother’s Day Too often you don’t like my taste, […]

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More Mother’s Day Prayers to Honor Mothers Everywhere

Mother and Son

Mother’s Day started by Anne Jarvis is a day historically set aside to honor moms everywhere for all of the things they do for families. When Anne Jarvis first began the tradition, she had her whole church congregation wear white carnations during the service in honor of her mother. Traditionally, mothers are recognized by the […]

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A Mother’s Day Prayer to Reverence Your Mother

Mothers and Daughters

Mother’s Day is the day set aside to honor Mother. Sometimes this honoring is done through prayer, because traditionally the honoring of mothers was done at church. While this is not so much the case any longer, mothers’ prayers are still being offered in honor of the holiday, and as a way to honor mothers. […]

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Mother’s Day Haiku

Zen Garden

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. It is usually composed of three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third 5. Haiku is a brief and imaginative look at a particular subject. The writer tries to capture just a single moment, using only just a few words. Haiku is […]

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Haiku for Mother’s Day

Tropical Flowers

Haiku is a poetry form that has its roots in Japanese culture. These short poems are meant to convey a particular insight in only a few words. While traditional Haiku is usually three lines long, English writers have taken more liberties with the form. Haiku can be written in the traditional form, or has one […]

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