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[Surfnetkids] Battle of Waterloo

Dear Reader, How is your summer going? The weather here in San Diego alternates between our famous June Gloom and sunny skies. After a gloomy Saturday, I took advantage of Sunday’s peekaboo sunshine to go the beach with a girlfriend. …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Revolutionary War

Dear Reader, It’s almost Independence Day here in the states, and I have lots of resources to recommend. Happy 4th of July to all my American readers! See ya on the Net, Barbara J. Feldman “Surfing the Net with Kids” …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Sally Ride

Dear Reader, My niece just graduated from college, I had a birthday, and my daughter is starting medical school in a few weeks. What’s does all this mean? June is in full swing, and Father’s Day is just around the …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Anne Frank

Dear Reader, I’ve been to the Anne Frank House museum twice. First in 1978, and again in 2012. It always struck me that Anne was just a few months older than my mom, and her dad the same age as …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Helen Keller

Dear Reader, I wrote a biography book report about Helen Keller when I was in elementary school, and also one on Anne Frank, who is next week’s topic. I also remember writing about the Brontë sisters and Marie Curie. I …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Physical Fitness

Dear Reader, This week’s topic is in honor of May’s designation as National Fitness Month. Of course, it’s not just kids that need regular exercise. Us grownups do too! I’ve recently added a Yin Yoga class (also known as Restorative …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Nazi Plunder

Dear Reader, May is National Flower Month. Hopefully the snow has melted in your corner of the world, and flowers are blooming instead. Here are some recommended flower web sites and some flower coloring pages to enjoy. See ya on …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Safe Search for Kids

Dear Reader, Mother’s Day is behind us, and that means that graduation season is here! This year our family is celebrating two graduations: the high-school graduation of my nephew, and the college graduation of my niece. Congrats to graduates everywhere! …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Mother’s Day Poems

Dear Reader, Do you use WordPress? It is a very popular content management platform for building websites. started in 1996 based on what is now called hard-coded HTML. Years later I moved the site to MovableType, and now it …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Cinco de Mayo

Dear Reader, I enjoyed a short California road trip with my husband and daughter over the weekend. Hit reply and share something good that happened to you this week! See ya on the Net, Barbara J. Feldman “Surfing the Net …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Penguins

Dear Reader, Happy Earth Day! I know this is a bit late, but here’s a roundup of resources: Earth Day — recommended websites Earth Day Coloring Pages Earth Day Games See ya on the Net, Barbara J. Feldman “Surfing the …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] News for Students

Dear Reader, In addition to being tax day (for Americans) today is also the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci‘s birthday (Apr 15, 1452), the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Apr 15, 1865), and the Titanic disaster (Apr 15, 1912). PhoneSheriff helps …[Continue]