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June 27, 1999

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. After months of work, I’m pleased to announce you can
visit me
at iVillage’s Click! where I
am reigning as Web
. I’ll
be writing about and answering questions about how to use the
Web. I’ll also be holding scheduled chats, which I will
announce here and at my Surfing the
Net site

Although they are not available this morning, two new Surfing the
Net postcards
on Fireworks and the American Revolution will be
available very soon (perhaps on Monday?)

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    American Revolution

    After Britain’s expensive victory in the French and Indian War of 1754 –
    1763, the crown decided to recoup some of the costs of defending the
    colonies by taxing the colonists. The colonists were outraged at the tax,
    but unlike their British counterparts, had no elected representatives in
    Parliament. "Taxation without representation is tyranny," became
    a battle cry. Each year at this time, we celebrate the colonists’ victory
    and the birth of our nation. Happy Independence Day!

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    America Rock: The Shot Heard ‘Round the World


    "Now, the ride of Paul Revere set the nation on its
    ear, and the shot at Lexington heard ’round the world, when the British
    fired in the early dawn, the War of Independence had begun, the die was
    cast, the rebel flag unfurled." You can listen to this frolicking
    song from School House Rock in a variety of formats, but the animated
    QuickTime movie is my favorite. Click on "Back" for links to
    more revolutionary tunes such as No More Kings and Fireworks.

    The History
    Place: American Revolution


    This easy-to-peruse time line starts with the early explorers
    ("1000 A.D. – Leif Ericson, a Viking seaman, explores the east coast
    of North America and sights Newfoundland, establishing a short-lived
    settlement there.") and continues to the early years of our new nation
    ("July 10, 1790 – The House of Representatives votes to locate the
    national capital on a ten square-mile site
    along the Potomac, with President George Washington choosing the exact
    location.") Don’t miss their Five Tips on writing a better history

    Liberty! The American


    "It’s 1763. You’re a basically happy, content
    colonist in North America. British and proud of it. The French and Indian
    War has just ended. Peace reigns on the continent. What did Great Britain
    create, in 1765, that put you on The Road to Revolution?" So begins
    the interactive game that puts you in the middle of the revolutionary
    action. Other fabulous clicks are Perspectives on Liberty (a clickable
    view of daily colonial life) and Liberty Today (a photo montage of newly
    naturalized citizens.)

    Revolutionary Webquest


    My favorite click at this student-created site is the Road to
    Independence, a Javascript simulation game. "You will act as the
    commander of the continental army. You will be responsible for managing
    troops, trading for supplies and money, and for coping with disasters. . .
    . To win this war, you must conquer five fictional cities, each city better
    defended than the previous." Additional sections cover Key Events,
    Heroes, and Major Battles of the Revolutionary War.

    Virtual Marching Tour of the
    American Revolution


    In late July 1777 "the largest [British] armada ever assembled in
    America set sail off of Sandy Hook, New Jersey. It was carrying 17,000
    British soldiers and sailors in over 260 ships. The armada was headed for
    an attack on the capital city of Philadelphia. They underwent a distressful
    thirty-four day sea-trek. The voyage took its toll in lost time, seasick
    soldiers, and scores of dead horses. Washington’s troops started in
    northern New Jersey and shadowed the movement of the British fleet."
    Starting with an excellent backgrounder on the events that spurred the
    colonists to revolt, this virtual marching tour provides a battle-by-battle
    view of the war.

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