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July 11, 1999

Dear Readers,

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And remember, my online
is always open for your summer surfing pleasure.

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    Summer on the Internet

    School’s out. Summer’s in. Our long warm days are filled with camp and
    family vacations. What’s up on the Net? Here’s an eclectic summer mix,
    including two virtual summer camps and a virtual road trip. But remember,
    it’s summer. Don’t forget to go outside and play.

    Camp Yucky


    The "yuckiest site on the Internet" is an
    eclectic mix of science and summer fun. You’ll find dozens of
    summer-themed activities including directions for giving yourself a suntan
    tattoo and making a frozen hand-cube that floats a punch bowl. And don’t
    worry, all the original gross and slimy stuff that made famous
    (learn about belches, scabs, vomit, worms and bugs) is still here.
    Teachers who yearn to be yucky will appreciate the curriculum guides for
    grades K through eight. for Kids


    Calling all amateur detectives and mystery lovers. Each month for Kids ("Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic
    tricks, and contests") features a quick solve (the answer is just a
    click away), a mystery writing contest, and a mini mystery Solve-It
    contest. Monthly winners are rewarded with a mystery book. Nancy Drew
    enthusiasts have their own site (you’ll find the link on the main page).
    And older readers (I’m talking high school and adult) can click on over to for even more mysterious fun.



    "Just in time for summer fun! Thousands of teachers, students and
    parents are exploring the Internet in search of 103 treasure codes
    buried in wonderful and safe destination sites hand-picked by CyberSurfari
    staff members." Players are divided by age into divisions, and can
    join as individuals or teams. There are two complete sets of prizes. One
    set goes to the first players to find ninety-five of the treasure codes.
    The second set will be awarded by random drawing. CyberSurfari Summer runs
    through October 15, with CyberSurfari Fall opening the following week.
    Practice clues are available here.

    HBO Summer Camp


    Just like real camp, before you can participate in this virtual camp,
    your parents need to fill out a permission form, and return it by toll-free
    fax or posted mail. Upon receipt, you’ll be emailed your camp user name
    and password. While you are waiting for your password to arrive, get your
    computer ready by installing the free Flash
    . Whew! When you finally get to camp (which is updated weekly
    and closes on Labor Day), follow the pointing finger to the activities,
    games and contests.

    Way Back Summer


    What was summer vacation like years ago? And who
    invented summer camp? Climb aboard the Way Back wagon and learn the
    history of car camping (also known as gypsying), Miami Beach, and the first
    summer camps. My favorite click is the Road Trip, a coast-to-coast
    adventure (from Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts to Disneyland, California) with
    stops at twelve famous vacation spots.

    Surfing the Calendar

    Declaration of

    July 4, 1999

    July 4,


    July 4, 1999


    July 4, 1999
    Man Walks on the

    More Surfing
    the Calendar

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    101 Tips on How to Survive the Summer with your Kids

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