Surfing the Net with Kids: Internet Magic

Surfing the Net with Kids: Internet Magic

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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August 8, 1999

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. Surfing the Net with Kids has a fabulous
new feature: a weekly calendar of kid-friendly chats and
educational Net events such as a live Web cast of Wednesday’s
total solar eclipse. It is available from my site by clicking
the “Calendar
tab at the top of each page.

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Internet Magic

Do you believe in magic? These magic tricks, created by Webmasters and
performed over the Internet, are a new breed of magic for a brand new
medium. Abracadabra! Enjoy.

Cave of


"Pick a card, any card." Even though Simeon
performs only one trick, he does it very well and his Cave is my pick of
the day. Everyone I showed it to played the trick several times and walked
away still thinking about it. How does the computer know your card? Is
it the whisper? Is it the location of your mouse? If you do figure it
out, remember: a magician never tells.



"YES, Diamond Jim can even perform miracles for you across the
Internet. Click a card, any card below, to be amazed!" Diamond
Jim presents five tricks: Flag Trick, Card Trick, ESP Trick, Hypno Disk and
Date Trick. Hypno Disk is an optical illusion that didn’t work for me —
and the Card Trick is performed better at the Cave of Magic (see above), so
my favorite is the Date Trick. You’ll need a one dollar bill — better
get one now — you won’t want to miss this one!

Hocus Pocus


"Welcome to the Hocus Pocus Palace, residence of The Great Mysto and
his Internet Magic Tricks." The Great Mysto performs six mind-reading
tricks, all of them variations on "put your finger on any
picture." I’ve seen this trick performed on television, and now it’s
become quite popular on the Net.

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Magic over the


"I have a deck of cards in which all the Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings,
and Aces have been removed. The remaining deck was shuffled and I pulled
out a card, which you can see face down. I want you to think of one the
remaining thirty-one cards." This trick involves some math, so if you
make a mistake along the way (as I did the first time through), the ending
won’t make any sense. I recommend writing down your answers as you go



"Mulawa" is an Australian aboriginal word
meaning "shadow of trees" and it "is what we call our two
[Australian] acres … it is near tropical Townsville and is an idyllic
place to live." The author
introduces his eight tricks humbly "It’s very difficult to entertain
you in cyberspace but … here goes …" Two of Mulawa’s card tricks
(A Little Miracle and Take Five) are completely different from anything
I’ve seen before. Don’t miss them.

Surfing the Calendar

Total Solar

Aug 11, 1999
Awareness Day

Aug 14, 1999
Women’s Equality

Aug 26, 1999
Chats & Net Events

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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