Surfing the Net with Kids: Dress-up Games

Surfing the Net with Kids: Interactive Dress-Up<br /> Games

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September 26, 1999

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Interactive Dress-Up

I remember dressing paper dolls with tabbed paper clothes and I remember
spending hours changing Barbie from one outfit to another. Based on my
own childhood memories, I thought today’s youngsters would find these
interactive dress-up games appealing. All of today’s sites require the
free downloadable Shockwave plugin.



"Shall Dinorella’s dress be dowdy or divine? You
decide! Use your mouse to drag and drop the darling clothing onto the
dainty dinosaur. Decorate her for the dance, or dress her for daily
drudgery. Don’t forget her diamonds!" Dressing the pink dino includes
a satisfying plink sound effect, but I craved creative dressing and was
disappointed that I couldn’t put her pink fluffy slippers on her ears or
her proper white gloves on the end of her tail.

Dunston Checks In:
The Royal Suite


"Dunston’s got a whole wardrobe of hip clothing. But, typical of
most male primates, he can’t seem to get dressed by himself." Dunston
has found the Royal Suite, and needs your help choosing from a variety of
boxer shorts, dresses, swim suits, hats and cool shades. Each click-
and-drag has a swell coo-coo-clock sound effect, but like Dinorella,
Dunston only can wear his hats on his head, and his sunglasses on his

Pain and Panic
Get Dressed


These two characters from Disney’s animated Hercules movie come with a
tall pile of clothes that magically can fit either the skinny Panic or the
chubby Pain. Feel free to layer as many items as you please, one on top of
other, or to rearrange the pile of clothes by clicking on any of them. The
whoosh-splat sound effects are perfect, and even though, again, you can’t
choose where the clothes are worn (toga on the head, anyone?), the whole
game simply works well.

Racoon and Heidi Hedgehog


Cute little Ricky Racoon can be dressed for the beach, tennis or
baseball. If you correctly match all the right clothes and accessories
(for example, you bring the sand bucket to the beach, and not the baseball
glove), Ricky rewards you with a small animation. Heidi Hedgehog (you’ll
find her link just below Ricky) can be dressed as a doctor, a soccer
player, for playing outside or in fancy grown-up dress-up clothes.

Torture Your
Sister: The Bridesmaids Dress-Up Game


Now for something a little different. "Click on the various outfit
parts until the bridesmaid screams for mercy. Hint: Watch her face for
signs that she’s about to blow her top." Owning half a dozen
ridiculous pink bridesmaid dresses myself, this dress-up game made me laugh
out loud. Even though the little ones won’t get the humor, they’ll still
enjoy designing their very own pink bridesmaid dress.

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