Surfing the Net with Kids: Twentieth Century

Surfing the Net with Kids: Twentieth Century

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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October 10, 1999

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. In addition to the family topics I cover here and at
my Surf Net Kids site I also
write about general how-to-Internet topics in my role as Web Wizard at iVillage Click!
Please stop by and visit.

“In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Is
Columbus a hero worth celebrating, or was he a cruel imperialist? Discover
the debate, and decide for yourself at my Christopher Columbus

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The Twentieth Century

How does one summarize an entire century? Is a century more than the
sum of its decades? Each of today’s sites tackles the challenge
differently. Photos, videos, key news events, first person narratives and
shoes (yup, shoes) have been collected, sorted, and annotated. As we stand
at the threshold of a new century, it’s in our nature to look back and try
to make some sense of it.

20th Century in Pictures


These world-class photos are part of the 2.1 million
images Corbis offers online. Although perusing the collection is free (as
are the e-cards to send to friends and family), you can also license these
photos (for a $3 fee) for use on your personal Website or in print.
Organized by decade and by a theme of the week (such as Trials of the
Century) most of the photos are annotated. Some photos are also
downloadable as free desktop wallpaper for either the Mac or Windows (click
on Free Downloads from the menu bar.)

The Century


As a companion to the ABC television series of the same name, The
Century Website provides a glimpse into the main events of our time with
vignettes, photos, videos and a shared memory discussion board. In
addition to the time line accessible from the top of any page, The Century
is organized into time capsule topics such as Work & Play, Science
& Technology, Arts & Culture. Teachers and homeschoolers will
appreciate the era-by-era activities in the Teachers Guide.

People’s Century


"As the twentieth century rushes toward its conclusion, People’s
Century looks back at the story of our times. This twenty-six part
television series, broadcast on PBS, offers new insight into the turbulent
events of these hundred years through the revealing personal testimony of
the people who were there." Best clicks are the eyewitness interviews
(both written and audio) found on each episode page and the clickable time

Solemates: The Century in


"The magic of Dorothy’s ruby slippers . . . the hip-swinging appeal
of Elvis’ blue suede shoes . . . the unadulterated excess of Imelda’s
footwear collection. It’s amazing how shoes, an item of such practical
purpose, have come to reflect the changing passions, perspectives and
ideals of our culture. … We invite you to do some sole searching with us
in our decade-by-decade look at the Century in Shoes." No, I’m not
making this up. Complete with videos and shoe advertisements — this
is marvelous fun!

Stories of the Century


The Newseum ("The Interactive Museum of News") asked
journalists and historians nationwide to select the top hundred news events
of the twentieth century: this is their list. What event out ranked all
others? "1945: United States drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima,
Nagasaki. Japan surrenders to end World War II." Which events do you
think were the most pivotal? Cast your vote online and compare your event
ranking to those of other readers. Readers so far have voted the 1969 moon
walk as the number one event of the century.

Surfing the Calendar

East and West Germany

Oct 3, 1990

Oct 4, 1957
Columbus Day
12, 1492
Chats & Net Events

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The Century

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