Surfing the Net with Kids: World Population

Surfing the Net with Kids: World Population

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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October 24, 1999

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. It’s
almost Halloween. Try some Ghost Stories or Skeletons & Anatomy.
October 31 is also the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death
and National Magic Day.

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World Population

We entered the twentieth century with a population of less than two billion
people and now, as we stand at the century’s exit, world population is just
over six billion. Six billion. It’s hard to grasp what that means. I
chose the following sites because they help explain both the number and its

6 Billion and Beyond


"On October 12, 1999, Earth’s population reached
six billion. PBS traveled the globe talking to people about the population
issues affecting their lives and countries." To make the issue real,
a running counter ticks off current world population, and "babies born
since you entered this page." Start at the world map, and choose from
China, India, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and USA. You’ll discover statistics
and personal stories from experts and officials, teens, working women,
doctors, mothers and fathers.

6 Billion Human Beings


"Every second five people are born and two people die, a net gain
of three people. At this rate, the world population is doubling every 40
years. However the United Nations estimates that we will only be 12 billion
in 120 years. By visiting this Web site, you will understand why the
world’s population has exploded in recent years and why it might stabilize
during the next century." This fascinating exhibit from the
Musée de l’Homme of Paris, France, uses interactive features
("Tell me your age, and I’ll tell you how many people were in the
world when you were born.") to personalize your visit.

Day of 6 Billion


"Six billion neighbors. One neighborhood." Written for
elementary and middle-school students and their teachers, Day of 6 Billion
looks at how health care, education ("In many nations, more boys than
girls receive a formal education.") and the environment are affected
by population growth. Some families may object to the site’s discussion of
family planning and birth control.

Population Reference Bureau


"The number of young people under age twenty-five has more than
doubled since the 1950s: from 1.3 billion to 2.9 billion in 2000. The
decisions that today’s youth make about when to have children and how many
to have will determine future population growth. In sub-Saharan Africa, for
instance, childbearing rates have remained stubbornly high, and
childbearing is common among teenagers." This comprehensive
population study includes links to additional articles (both online and
print) and graphs (click on Population Story: Presentation

World Village Project


“What if the world were a village? If we were to reduce world population
to a village of 1000 inhabitants with all existing human ratios remaining
the same then, this would be our reality.” 584 Asians, 124 Africans, 95
Europeans, 84 Latin Americans, 55 Russians, and 52 North Americans along
with four Australians and two New Zealanders. Puts it all in perspective,
doesn’t it?

Surfing the Calendar

Edison invents the
incandescent light bulb

Oct 21, 1879
Harry Houdini’s

Oct 31, 1926
Halloween Ghost

Oct 31, 1999
National Magic

Oct 31, 1999
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