Surfing the Net with Kids: Geography Games

Surfing the Net with Kids: Geography Games

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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November 14, 1999

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Geography Games

Did you know that geography has its own week? To focus on the importance
of geography in education, the National Geography Society has named
November 14 through 20 National Geography Awareness week. And what better
way to use the Internet, than to play games that integrate learning and
fun. Of these five geography games, three require Java — which is
included (without any additional download) in all of today’s most popular

Funschool Geography


Nestled among dozens of educational Java games for third
to sixth graders are four geography games. On this page, you’ll find
Capital Field Trip, Flag Flags and Where in the World? U.S. State
Detective ("Where is Illinois? No, that’s Wisconsin.") is a click
away on page four. Young children can play these games to learn the
capitals, flags, countries and states. Older children can play timed
games, racing against the clock to identify all the components of each

GeoBee Challenge


"Come on out and play in the new GeoBee Quiz! Show your geography
smarts right here online. Each day we’ll post five new questions from the
National Geographic Bee. Some of the questions are real stumpers, but it’s
okay if you miss a few—you can play as often as you like." To
visit the rest of National Geographic for Kids, look for the small
"KIDS" button in the top left-hand corner.



Start your geography lesson by choosing a region of the world, and
studying the interactive maps which name each country as your mouse passes
over it. When you’re ready for the games, each region has three to choose
from: Find Game("Where is Finland?"), Quiz Game ("This
country is famous for its clocks.") or Word Game (a hangman-like word
guessing game). My favorite click? Quiz Game, but remember you must choose
a region before you’ll see the game choices.

Mapit Zapit


"The Mapit Zapit Game has thirteen different maps: one map shows
the United States, and the twelve others show different parts of the world.
For each map, the game works the same way. The object of the game is to
earn points by clicking a state or country name in its correct geographic
bed on the map." This fast-moving Java game from ePlay can be played
at four levels of difficulty, keeps track of your best scores and is my
pick of the day!

Where is That?


"The game where your mind is your map." Choose from seven maps
and five levels of difficulty. Level one starts with multiple choice
questions ("Is this France, Russia or Germany?") Level five means
spelling the country or state AND its capital city. But wait there’s more!
Hats off to Funbrain for including a two-player version, where each player
can choose his own level of difficulty. And this marvelous game is
Java-free, so it’s compatible with older browsers and WebTV.

Surfing the Calendar

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Nov 9, 1989
Geography Awareness

Nov 14, 1999

National Children’s Book

Nov 15, 1999
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Nov 18, 1928
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