Surfing the Net with Kids: Reader Review

Surfing the Net with Kids: Reader Reviews

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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December 8, 1999

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. This week at SurfNetKids, I quietly switched
discussion boards — but now my board is empty and needs YOUR
questions, comments, and ideas. This new board has a very unique
feature — if you have a Web site, you can become a SurfNetKids
affiliate, and share the very same board with SurfNetKids and
other affiliate sites. To check it out, visit us

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Reader Reviews

The following site reviews, written by readers like you,
have been selected from this week’s batch of Reader Reviews.
Reviews are
accepted 24/7

Cat Club


Submitted December 7, 1999
by Enda,
a reader from
who is affiliated with the site:

“Comics, cat care tips, cat protection SPCA contact details,
cat emails and more fun stuff for kids who like cats.”

For more sites like this one, visit Creative Cats.

A Game A Day


Submitted December 3, 1999
by T. Priber,
a teacher from
New Jersey, USA
who is affiliated with the site:

“A Game A Day features a free new printable word puzzle,
word game, word play, word search, crossword,or brainteaser
each weekday along with links to Web sites on many of the
puzzle pages to help solve the word puzzles and games.
Puzzle topics include history, geography, logical thinking
and problem solving, phonics, spelling, and holidays.”

For more sites like this one, visit

Lokimon’s Pokemon


Submitted December 5, 1999
by Loki Miller,
9 years old from
Chico, CA
who is affiliated with the site:

“This site was designed for kids who are new to Pokemon,
and old fans, too. I have FAQ’s, a Parent’s Guide, links
to lots of sites, and a special members area with movies,
music and game tips. I have free things for my member’s
Web sites.”

For more sites like this one, visit Pokemon.

The Moonlit Road


Submitted December 5, 1999
by Peggy M.,
a teacher from
Social Circle, Georgia who is not affiliated with the site:

“This is an excellent site for anyone who likes short stories.
Various story tellers read semi-scary stories from different
areas of the South. I listen while I do housework, and plan on
using it with my students at school.”

For more sites like this one, visit Interactive Stories.

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