Surfing the Net with Kids: New Years Extravaganza

Surfing the Net with Kids: New Years Extravaganza

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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December 26, 1999

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. I just returned from a wonderful email-less
snow vacation with my family that included spelunking, skiing,
and snowboarding. I even found inspiration for some future columns. I hope
you and yours are also enjoying the
winter holidays.

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New Years Extravaganza

To finish the year, I’ve collected a potpourri of fun sites all related (in
one way or another) to the New Year. Some deal with what the future may
hold for us and others have more immediate use, such as the Web cams that
will bring you the New Year countdown live from Times Square. Have a happy
and safe New Year.



“In your great-grandchildren’s lifetime, dinner might be served by robots,
and airplanes might fly without pilots. Who knows?” Futurists make
educated guesses about the future so companies and government can be can be
better prepared. But with technology changing so rapidly, the futurists
say it’s hard to imagine more than thirty years out. These predictions,
from National Geographic “World” magazine, include video-conferencing
wristwatches and driverless voice- recognition taxis.

A Moment in


“When does the millennium officially begin? One would think this would be a
relatively easy question to answer. In reality, however, this is a
widely-debated topic. Some say the new millennium begins on January 1,
2000; others say it begins on January 1, 2001. Still others say the new
millennium has already passed.” This site offers the best explanation I’ve
seen yet of why mathematicians, conventional wisdom, and religious
scholars offer us three different answers to the millennium question.

Times Square


When you think of counting down to a New Year, what place comes to mind?
If you’re like me, the answer is obvious: New York’s Times Square. I grew
up watching the Times Square New Year’s countdown on television, so these
five (yes, five) Times Square Web cams just seem to shout “Happy New Year!”
I wonder how many people will be tuning in to the Net this year to watch
the ball drop. For more Web cams, click on the EarthCam logo in the upper
left hand corner. They even have a selection of Web cams just for kids.

Worldwide Observatory of the
Year 2000


“From the top of the Eiffel Tower, everything you’ve always wanted to know
about the year 2000.” And they mean everything — including science
fiction, news reports, electronic postcards, art, book reviews, and
predictions from futurists. The entire site is “très magnifique” and is my
pick of the day, but my favorite clicks are History and Science Fiction,
both found under Year Zero, Year 3000

Y2K: Year 2000
Computer Problem


“This is the first time in history the entire world has faced the same
technology problem at the same time.” This New York Times Learning Network
feature covers all aspects of the Y2K bug with clarity and without
hysteria. As you peruse the articles, try the Knowledge Tools (you’ll find
them just below the author’s byline) which give you the ability to turn on
Vocabulary (hyperlinks to dictionary definitions) and Geography (clickable
atlas references.) Menu links to the rest of the Learning Network site
run down the left-most column.

Surfing the Calendar

Anniversary of First
Crossword Puzzle

Dec 21, 1913
Anniversary of Pilgrim

Dec 21, 1620
Last Day of the 20th

Dec 31, 1999
New Years
Jan 1,
Ellis Island

Jan 1, 1892
Chats & Contests

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