Surfing the Net with Kids: Reader Readers

Surfing the Net with Kids: Reader Reviews

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February 16, 2000

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. Today I want to thank all my readers — both new
and old — for writing me with your encouraging words and
referring your friends and colleagues to my site and this
newsletter. (By the way your friends can join us by sending
an email
.) Yesterday my subscriber base
topped 43,000 readers. And hold on — we’re going for 100,000!

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And remember, without YOUR site reviews, there is no Wednesday
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Reader Reviews

The following site reviews, written by readers like you,
have been selected from this week’s batch of Reader Reviews.
Reviews are accepted



Submitted February 9, 2000 by Scott Sayre, a teacher from
USA who is affiliated with the site:

“ArtsConnectEd contains thousands of works of art, audio, video
and K-12 educational resources from the collections of the
Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center.”

For more sites like this one, visit Interactive Art.

Fruit Dance


Submitted February 16, 2000 by Frances, a reader from
Plymouth, England who is affiliated with the site:

“I have been told children love to dance along to Fruit Dance.
There is a link to the rest of my site, which is child safe.”

For more sites like this one, visit Animated Dancing. – An Online Community for Kids!


Submitted February 7, 2000 by Kathleen Driggers, a teacher
from Washington State, U.S. who is affiliated with the site:

“It’s a fun site for my kids and myself. There are many
clubs and ways to learn about kids with disabilities, as well has have
fun. This site has everything. It’s an online community for kids.”

For more sites like this one, visit Online Playgrounds.

Levi Coffin House


Submitted February 13, 2000 by Diane Andrew, a parent from
Hagerstown, Indiana who is not affiliated with the site:

“The underground railroad sites sparked a memory of a house
on the underground railroad in the area where I grew up. I searched
the name and found this site. I thought it had some good pictures
and history of the house. Hope this is interesting to others wanting
to learn more about the underground railroad.”

For more sites like this one, visit Underground

Office of Naval Research Science & Technology Focus Site


Submitted February 15, 2000 by Elizabeth, a reader from
Arlington, VA who is affiliated with the site:

“The first module of ONR’s Science and Technology Focus Site,
educational resource for students and teachers, spotlights
Oceanography. The site explores all areas of the ocean, from the
beaches and mangroves to the depths of the ocean basins and trenches.
Colorful, interactive graphics teach about the processes that keep the
ocean in motion. Quick quizzes and experiments test the viewers’
and ONR’s CyberScientist is on call to answer any questions. USA Today
declared the site a ‘Hot Site’ on Jan. 13, 2000.”

For more sites like this one, visit Under the Sea.

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