Surfing the Net with Kids: Art of Ancient Eqypt

Surfing the Net with Kids: Art of Ancient Egypt

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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February 20, 2000

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Art of Ancient Egypt

Today’s tour of ancient Egyptian art takes us to museums all around the
world. We’ll be stopping in London, Detroit, Seattle, Paris and New York.
Sorry – no frequent flyer miles will be rewarded.

Ancient Egypt


“Board games were very common in ancient Egypt and people from all
levels of society played them. Many game boards from ancient Egypt have
been found by archaeologists.” This British Museum exhibit (my pick of
the day) doesn’t focus exclusively on Egyptian art, but rather presents a
marvelous interactive overview of ancient Egyptian life. Each of the ten
topics (for example Pyramids, Geography, Pharaoh) feature a Shockwave
challenge such as playing a board game or matching tools to the correct
tradesman. Teachers will find curriculum notes in the Staff Room.

Institute of Art: Ancient Art Egypt


“For over three thousand years the Egyptians adhered to a prescribed set
of rules as to how a work of art in three dimensions should be presented.
Egyptian art was highly symbolic.” All Egyptian sculpture, for example,
can be described as cubic (it takes it shape from the material it was
carved from and can be viewed from four sides) and frontal (the front of
the sculpture is the most important side — with the figure either standing
or sitting.) Take a gallery tour by clicking on the artwork and following
the Next icons.

Egypt Gift
of the Nile


“Religion was an omnipresent element in the Egyptian world, and art that
expressed the tenets of this religion flourished.” This Seattle Art Museum
exhibit is divided into two sections. Egyptomania presents and analyzes
the ten eternal truths of ancient Egypt (“1. The balance of man and nature
is essential.”) This section is for the high school crowd (and grown ups
too!) The second section, Discover Egypt, contains interactive games
suitable for elementary ages such as Barbershop (“Egyptians loved to wash
and scent their hair. Wigs were very common and worn by men, women and
children”) and the story of eight-year-old Soho.

Egyptian Art in the Age of the


To begin your tour, enter The Exhibition, where you’ll be presented with
a time line. Ancient Egyptian history spanned 3,000 years. Egyptologists
divide this time period into thirty dynasties. The dynasties are then
grouped together into broad periods. The Great Pyramids were built during
the Old Kingdom, four Egyptian dynasties that covered 2700 to 2200 BC. In
this exhibit, each of the Old Kingdom dynasties is represented by a handful
of artwork. You can traverse from one piece to the next by following the
triangular arrow, or jump around on the time line displayed at the bottom.
The question and answer page (click To Find Out More) is excellent.

Museum of Art: Egyptian Art


“The collection of ancient Egyptian art at the Metropolitan Museum ranks
among the finest outside Cairo. It consists of approximately 36,000
objects of artistic, historical, and cultural importance. … Fifty
highlights from the department are presented online in approximate
chronological order, and are identified by dynasty and/or period.”

Surfing the Calendar


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