Surfing the Net with Kids: Dr. Seuss

Surfing the Net with Kids: Dr. Seuss

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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February 27, 2000

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. What is the right age to begin learning keyboarding
skills? Do kids who start young have a higher risk of
injury later? Join in the discussion with other parents and
teachers on the Surfnetkids

This week on the Surfing Calendar, we begin the month of March,
which is:
National Craft Month,
National Nutrition
, and
Women’s History
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Dr. Seuss

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 as well as three Academy Awards,
Theodor Geisel (best known to his readers as Dr. Suess) authored and
illustrated forty-four children’s books. Since his first children’s book
in 1936, Dr. Suess has introduced several generations of kids to the joy
of reading and the world of words. As a testament to the difference he
made in early reader books, Dr. Seuss’s birthday (March 2) is celebrated
by literacy advocates everywhere. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Cyber Seuss


According to Cyber Seuss’s creator, most of this site was lost in a 1998
computer crash and has not been rebuilt. The best remaining clicks are the
five printable Dr. Seuss Cross-Word Search puzzles. “You are given a set
of questions like those from crossword puzzles, whose answers are hidden in
a grid of letters like word search puzzles. So if you can not figure out
the answer it is possible to find them in the puzzle, and plug them into
the blank.” The puzzles are divided into three levels of difficulty from
early elementary up to ” BIG-TIME Dr. Seuss fans.”

Seuss: Characters and Unusual Creatures


Although this site lacks the graphics and animation I usually feature,
it’s included for it’s value as a reference: it lists all of Seuss’s books
followed by an alphabetic list of all his creatures (from Aaron, the
alligator to Zummers.) Did you know the word “nerd” dates to 1950 when it
first appeared in Dr. Seuss’ “If I Ran the Zoo”? “I’ll sail to Ka-Troo And
Bring Back an It-Kutch a Preep and a Proo a Nerkle a Nerd and a Seersucker,

Read Across
America: Dr. Seuss Biography


“Dr. Seuss was born Theodor Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts, on
March 2, 1904. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1925, he went to
Oxford University, intending to acquire a doctorate in literature. At
Oxford, Geisel met Helen Palmer, whom he wed in 1927.” This bio page is
part of National Education Association’s Read Across America site – which
is celebrating Seuss’ birthday by calling for ” every child in every
school in the country to read with a caring adult on March 2, 2000.”



“Welcome to Seussville University, where you can have ‘lots of good fun
that is funny’ while learning basic reading, math, science, and reasoning
skills.” From the Cat’s Concentration game to Green Eggs and Ham picture
scramble, Dr. Seuss fans will find plenty to crow about. My don’t-miss-it
pick of the day is the Shockwave “Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!” game
(listed under Reasoning.) It is based on the book written by Jack
Prelutsky, inspired by work Dr. Seuss left incomplete at the time of his
death in 1991.

World of Dr. Seuss


Collecting is fun, and Dr. Seuss is certainly fun, so collecting Dr.
Seuss memorabilia must be double fun! Although this site is targeted at
fellow collectors, I think most Dr. Seuss fans will enjoy perusing it.
You might even learn you have a valuable Seuss treasure buried in the back
of your closet! The collectibles are annotated and organized by
manufacturer. Seuss Navy (the site’s creator) also encourages readers to
send in pictures of their own collections, or photos of “fan made

Surfing the Calendar

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Mar 1, 2000
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Mar 1, 2000
Dr. Seuss’

Mar 2, 1904

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