Surfing the Net with Kids: Hamsters

Surfing the Net with Kids: Hamsters

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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March 5, 2000

Dear Readers,

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My son (following, I suppose, in the footsteps of Abbott and Costello)
named his first hamster “Guess” and his second hamster “Who.” Funny banter
aside (“What’s the hamster’s name?” “Who.” “The hamster. What’s its
name?”) the little fur ball bring smiles and laughter into our household
every day. Hopefully these Web sites (which range from serious to
whimsical) will do the same.

Complete Hamster


“The Syrian Hamster is the most common type of hamster kept as a pet and
is approximately six to seven inches in length with a very short tail. The
Syrian Hamster has hairless feet with four toes on the front feet and five
on the back feet. The Syrian Hamster has expandable cheek pouches which it
uses to collect and carry food and bedding and it can carry up to half its
body weight in its cheek pouches.” Lorraine Hill, a hamster breeder from
Oxfordshire, England, has created a very comprehensive hamster care site.
Whether you are already a hamster owner, or are considering becoming one
her’s is “the ultimate hamster site on the Web covering all aspects of
hamster keeping and care — everything you want to know about hamsters and

The Hampster Dance


This is it. The grand daddy of all animated dancing pages. First I’ll
answer the obvious question. Yes, they know that “hamster” doesn’t have a
“p” in it. “Everything here is named with a ‘p’ because the original
Hampster Dancer is Hampton Hampster, a little hamster from Canada.”
Hampster Dance is infectious. When I first saw it, I knew I had to show it
to my son. That afternoon I learned that he had already seen it at school.
Now I know what they really do during computer lab!



“Just a quick quiz to test your hamster knowledge – answers are at the
bottom of the page!” These ten questions (from “How did the hamster get
it’s name?” to “How long will a hamster live?”) provide a succinct
educational overview of hamsters as pets. By the way, the answers are
from the German “hamstern” which means “to hoard” – and about two years.

Ten Minute Bedtime Tour


Created as a companion to the popular picture book “Ten Minutes Till
Bedtime” by Peggy Rathmann, this site is just plain fun! With cute
animated hamster illustrations, two Shockwave games, and several recipe and
craft ideas, if you need to ask “What’s the point?” you are either too old
or too serious! “PLEASE NOTE: No hamsters were upset or otherwise
inconvenienced by the concept, creation, or final development of this
high-quality web site.”

Vincent the Beautiful Baby Boy Hamster


“Hi! I’m Vincent, the Beautiful Baby Boy Hamster! Well, I’m not really a
baby anymore; I’m over a year old, but the name stuck anyway. I live with
Trisha Peña in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves to play with computers and
when she got on the Internet, she promised to make a homepage just for me,
so here I am!” This fun page is a great example of the many homepages
dedicated to hamsters. Check out the picture (near the bottom of the page)
captioned “Sure is a funny looking mouse!”

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Ireland National Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 17, 2000

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