Surfing the Net with Kids: Staying Healthy

Surfing the Net with Kids: Staying Healthy

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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March 26, 2000

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. Surfnetkids game production is now in full swing!
In cooperation with the talented Canadian gamemaster Adrian
Hoad-Reddick of, we
are working on bringing
you new educational games EACH AND EVERY WEEK!

This week’s topic is STAYING HEALTHY, and we have THREE related games.
Please let me know which ones you like (but I bet you’ll
like them all.)

Cure-ious Word

Staying Healthy
Word Search

Staying Healthy
Scrambled Words

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Staying Healthy

Created by the World Health Organization and first observed on July 22,
1948, World Health Day is now celebrated on April 7. Which leads me,
naturally, to ask the question: “Where can kids go online for reliable
health information?” Although it is always important to know the source of
any information you are trusting, it is even more so with health
information. With that in mind, here are my health picks for kids and the
families who love them.

BBC Online: Kids


This marvelous site covers both your physical health (Body Works) and
emotional well being (Mind Matters.) My favorite click is the Shockwave
Body Tour (“Find out how your body works! Do a body tour and have a real
close look.”) Be sure to click on “Down” in order to view all four chapters
of the tour: The Body, The Muscles, The Organs, and The Skeleton. For more
anatomy (or if you don’t have Shockwave), read The Body in More

Lou Got the Flu


“I’m Louise – most people call me Lou – and I live in Kansas. I feel
pretty rotten now. I have a sore throat, a cough, and achy muscles. Doctor
Petrie said I caught the flu — that’s short for influenza. My friends
Sue, Hugh, and Stu also caught it. I hear it’s going around (and not just
to people whose names rhyme!)” Find out how a virus travels around the
world, and ends up in Kansas, in this fun illustrated story from American
Museum of Natural History.


“Calling all kids. Ever wonder how your body works? What makes you
sick? Or how to keep safe? Get all the answers to your health questions in
this kids only section.” This comprehensive site is my pick of the day
because of its depth, breadth and excellent organization. For example,
listed under “People, Places, & Things That Help You Feel Better” are
articles on Going to the Dentist (filled under People), What Happens at the
Emergency Room (found under Places) and Living with Braces (listed under

Mind over


“The brain consists of several large regions, each responsible for some
of the activities vital for living. These include the brainstem,
cerebellum, limbic system, diencephalon, and cerebral cortex.” Produced by
the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institutes of
Health, this site explains the effects of drug abuse on the body and the
brain for kids in fifth grade and above. The Teachers Guide gives
additional background and classroom activities. All material is in the
public domain and may be copied freely.

General’s Report 4 Kids About Smoking


“Welcome to SGR4KIDS, your online smoke-free magazine. We asked kids
across the country, ‘What do you and your friends think about smoking, and
what do you want to see in this magazine?’ You will find their words and
ideas in SGR4KIDS. Read on!” My two favorite sections are Be an Ad Buster,
where kids critique the images portrayed in cigarette billboards and
magazine ads and Six Facts about Kids and Smoking. “Most people start using
tobacco before they finish high school. This means that if you stay
smoke-free in school, you will probably never smoke.”

Surfing the Calendar

Harry Houdini’s

Mar 24, 1874
April Fool’s

April 1, 2000
National Mathematics
Education Month

Apr 1, 2000
National Poetry

Apr 1, 2000

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