Surfing the Net with Kids: Earth Day

Surfing the Net with Kids: Earth Day

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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April 2, 2000

Dear Readers,

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This week we feature Earth Day. And back at Surfnetkids, you’ll find
THREE related games:

Earth Day Pay

Earth Day Word

Earth Day
Concentration Puzzle

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April 22, 2000 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the celebration of
Earth Day. Earth Day Networks estimates that 500 million people from 4500
organizations in 180 countries will participate in Earth Day events during
the month of April. I wonder if that figure includes Net surfers?

Defenders of Wildlife: Kids’


From facts to fun – this site has focuses on worldwide endangered
wildlife. Best clicks are Get the Facts (single page info sheets on dozens
of animals listed by continent), Wild Games (puzzles and quizzes), Color
Your World (printable animals for off-line coloring) and the wolf
curriculum for teachers and home schoolers (see Teacher’s Table). “Native
Americans attributed an array of powers and miracles to wolves, from the
creation of tribes to healing powers. For example, the Kwakiutl of the
Pacific Northwest believed that before they became men or women, they had
been wolves.”

Earth Day at Kids


“In 1963, former Senator Gaylord Nelson began to worry about our planet.
(A senator is a person that the people of the United States have chosen to
help make the laws.) Senator Nelson knew that our world was getting dirty
and that many of our plants and animals were dying. He wondered why more
people weren’t trying to solve these problems.” In addition to a short
history of Earth Day, you’ll find Earth Day puzzles, postcards, games,
activities, coloring pages, clip art, endangered animals to adopt, and
(whew!) more.

Earth Day Network


Earth Day Network is the coordinating body of worldwide Earth Day
activities, chaired by the organizers of the original 1970 Earth Day,
Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes. Under Events, you’ll find thousands of
international Earth Day events to attend, and the opportunity to add your
local event. My favorite clicks (such as the following Change-a-Habit tip)
are found under Take Action. “Rest your screen when you rest your eyes.
Don’t wait for your screen saver to kick in – if you are going to be away
from your computer for more than ten minutes, turn the monitor off.
Funless Fact: Computer monitors use the same amount of electricity as a
60-watt light bulb.”

Earth Science Enterprise: For
Kids Only


“Can scientists predict the global impacts of increased levels of
pollutants in the atmosphere? Will the planet warm because increased levels
of greenhouse gases, produced by the burning of
fossil fuels, trap heat and prevent it from being radiated back into space?
Will the polar ice caps melt, causing massive coastal flooding? Have humans
initiated wholesale climatic change?.” NASA studies the earth, not just
outer space, and has created this earth science site for kids and their
teachers and filled it to the brim with information, lesson plans and

The Wilderness


“What can you do this Earth Day? Learn about the Arctic Wildlife Refuge
in Alaska. It’s a wild and wonderful place at risk from oil development.”
Join photojournalist John Dunne on a three-month trek (read his journal
and enjoy his photographs) or take a bird’s eye view of the refuge in Max’s
Grand Adventure. Who is Max? “Max is an American Golden-Plover. Full
grown, he’s smaller than a football, but logs more miles in the sky than
many frequent fliers. His birthplace is the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge. But he’ll be a world-class traveler before he’s five months

Surfing the Calendar

Aquariums: Zoo and
Aquarium Month

Apr 1, 2000
National Kite Flying

Apr 1, 2000

Apr 3, 2000
World Health Day
April 7, 2000

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