Surfing the Net with Kids: Multiplication

Surfing the Net with Kids: Multiplication

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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April 16, 2000

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. Last week I mentioned the Surfnetkids Hamster Games,
and they took the prize for being the most RECOMMENDED pages on my
site. For those that missed them, here are the addresses again:
Hamster Concentration Game and
Hamster Break Away Game.

Okay, now down to this week’s business, which is Multiplication. And,
in honor of National Math Education Month, you’ll find the Surfnetkids Math
Games here:

Marvel at Mathematics Crossword Puzzle
Multiplication & Division Word Search
Ordinal Number Word Puzzle

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Is drill and practice the only way to learn the multiplication tables? Today’s sites offer some interesting answers. Yes, practice is important, and you’ll find several fun ways to do so online. But perhaps having a bit of understanding is important too. For example, if you’ve already memorized 6×7=42, do you still need to memorize 7×6=42? Of course not. Read on for more helpful multiplication hints and lots of practice drills.

Flashcards for Kids


Flashcards for Kids offers online practice in multiplication as well as addition, subtraction and division. Choose from three levels of complexity and control the size of your operands all the way up to 10,000. Other choices include scoring, a timer, and whether to display the equations vertically or horizontally. Even with all these choices, these flashcards do not use Java or Shockwave, which means they are WebTV-friendly.

Free Worksheets: Multiplication


Kids love them, teachers crave them and parents just gotta have them. What are they? Worksheets! Where will you find them? Right here at The multiplication section alone has nearly two hundred printable worksheets with corresponding answer sheets.
But don’t stop there. You’ll find hundreds more in thirteen categories such as Phonics, Reading Skills, History and math topics such as Rounding and Telling Time.



“This is a lively, interactive Web site for practicing and testing times tables. It’s based on the popular BBC Schools Television series Megamaths, using the same castle setting and a selection of characters from the program to introduce a variety of activities and games. Children familiar with the series will recognize old friends but knowledge of the television series is not necessary.” This Shockwave site is my pick of day because of the variety of its multiplication activities. To practice with a particular number (such as eight), choose it from the jester’s deck of cards.

Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense


Join in on the conversation between a student (“There are too many multiplication facts to memorize.”) and a mentor (“If you want to know the multiplication table from 1 to 10, you may want to memorize 13 facts, at most. There are very easy tricks that will let you get the rest of the facts as fast as if you remembered them.”) You’ll learn which thirteen facts you need to memorize, and how to recall the rest of the multiplication table using fast mental arithmetic and number sense.

Multiplication Tips


“To multiply by nine on your fingers, hold up ten fingers – if the problem is 9 x 8 you just put down your eighth finger and there’s your answer: 72. If the problem is 9 x 7 just put down your seventh finger: 63.” “If you are multiplying 5 times an even number, halve the number you are multiplying by and place a zero after the number. Example: 5 x 6, half of 6 is 3, add a zero for an answer of 30.” Toss your calculator. Learn these student-submitted tips for calculating times five, times nine and times eleven in your head.

Surfing the Calendar

World Health Day
Apr 7, 2000
National Libraries Week
Apr 9, 2000
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday
Apr 13, 1743
Earth Day
Apr 22, 2000

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