Surfing the Net with Kids: Mazes

Surfing the Net with Kids: Mazes

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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July 23, 2000

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. “How do you stop a dog barking in your backyard?
Put it in your front yard!” Lauren, age 10 from Australia, sent
us that one yesterday. Send us your favorite funny one
or add the (free) Daily Chuckle joke applet to your own Website.

Today’s feature on Mazes is spiced up with these Surfnetkids games:

Interactive Random Maze
Maze Word Search
Maze Word Scrambler


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I chose today’s topic because I’d seen quite a few interactive maze puzzles online and it seemed like a fun choice. As I delved into it, though, I was amazed (a-MAZED, get it?) at the
depth and breadth of the subject. For starters I learned that while a maze has many dead ends to confuse the player, a true labyrinth consists of a single meandering path from the entrance to the center.

AMaze Game


First, set the game timer from twenty to 190 seconds, and then click “Start.” Rushing against the clock, use your mouse to push the red dot around the maze to capture the ten blue dots. For a more complex game, try AMaze Game Progressive – which comes with twenty levels of difficulty in addition to the selectable timer. Try listening to the Meow Remix background music (recorded by the game author’s son) to turn this Java game into a real cat-and-mouse chase!



“Today, mazes and labyrinths are more popular than ever before. Their imagery is used in games, films and advertising, while hundreds of new and innovative puzzle mazes have been built to entertain us. There is also a resurgence in their spiritual use by Christians, neo-pagans and the New Age culture. And of course the Web is often seen as a tangled labyrinth of links that ensnare the unwary!” Visit for an illustrated history of the symbolism of the labyrinth, and animated instruction on creating your own classical labyrinth.


Adrian Fisher “has the extraordinary vocation of designing and creating unique and beautiful mazes all over the world. He is internationally recognized as the world’s leading maze designer. He has created over 175 mazes worldwide in seventeen countries across five continents, designed the world’s first cornfield maize maze, has set four Guinness World Records, and is the world’s leading designer of mirror mazes.” And this is his collection of online mazes to be played either with your finger on your screen (they are not interactive) or printed and played with a pencil on paper.

Puzzlemaker: Computer Generated Mazes


How about printable mazes designed to your specifications? Choose a shape (such as rectangle, oval, wheel or cut out), a grid size (up to eighty by eighty) and a fill method (random and checkerboard are two possibilities). You are free to use these puzzles on your Web site, or in your classroom, as long you give credit to Discovery School. For an incredible collection of intricate hand-drawn mazes in animal shapes and holiday-themes, look for Mazed Things on the Try Other Puzzles menu.

Rat Maze


From the artificial intelligence lab of Carleton University, comes this simulation of a trainable, hungry rat searching for food in a maze. Starting with a ten by ten grid, design your own maze by clicking on the walls to be removed. Pieces of cheese (as many as you wish) are then placed around your maze. Determine the rat’s running strategy (from random to a learning mode called Neurosolver) and then simply press “Run.” The rat can even be manually trained by dragging him through the maze with your mouse. Fascinating!

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Jul 20, 1969
Amelia Earhart’s Birthday
Jul 24, 1897
National Inventor’s Month
Aug 1, 2000

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