Surfing the Net with Kids: Science Fair Projects

Surfing the Net with Kids: Science Fair Projects

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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October 8, 2000

Dear Readers,

Welcome back. The calendar is very busy today. Columbus Day
is coming up. And Halloween is just around the corner. Today’s Science Fair topic is accompanied by the following games:

Scientific Method Scrambled Words
Scientifically Speaking Crossword Puzzle
Science 101 Crossword
Science Fair

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Science Fair Projects

Each year there’s a fresh batch of them, but the pleas are all very similar. “Help! My daughter needs a science fair project. Can you suggest one?” My answer is always the same. I make it a point not to do my own kids’ schoolwork — so don’t expect me to start doing your children’s homework. But I do know where your kids can go for ideas that will get their own creative juices flowing. And that I’m very willing to share.

BrainPop: Scientific Method


Before you begin your project, you’ll need a good understanding of the scientific method. And this fun Brain Pop animation is the perfect place to start for an example of how the four steps of the scientific method (observation, hypothesis, prediction, experiment) are used to solve real-life mysteries. (“Who’s been eating my peanut butter?”) After the movie, try your hand at the quiz.

Kids Guide to Science Projects


“So, you’ve been assigned a science project and you don’t know where to begin. Well, a science experiment is nothing more than a way to solve a problem. These pages have been created to give you some ideas and resources, show you how to start, and take you step by step through the scientific process.” Joan Tindell, a middle-school science teacher from Arizona, explains it all – very well.

Science Fair Central


Although there’s lots of fun science stuff to peruse here, you’ll find the meat of the matter in the Handbook section written by Janice VanCleve, author of more than forty books on science and science fairs. “A science project is like a mystery in which you are the detective searching for answers. Science projects let you practice and exhibit your detective skills. You not only get to select which mystery to solve, but you can creatively design methods for uncovering clues that will lead to the final revelation of who, what, when, where, how, and why.”

Science Hunt


Science Hunt is produced by Hunt, the company that makes those cool stand-all-by-themselves project display boards. So in addition to sections on picking and planning a science project, it has a good chapter on how to display your finished work including design tips and lots of examples from other kids. You can even send in a photo of your own science project (using a Hunt display board) for posting on the site.

What Makes a Good Science Fair Project?


“Students are advised that getting the right answer is NOT the purpose of a science fair project. It is the intent of a science fair project that you go through the process of asking questions and performing experiments in an attempt to find answers. Making the attempt without answering the question still satisfies the intent of your discovering knowledge on your own.” From the California State Science Fair, comes this useful discussion of quality in a science fair project.

Surfing the Calendar

Sputnik Anniversary
Oct 4, 1957
The Great Chicago Fire Began
Oct 8, 1871
Columbus Day Observed
Oct 9, 2000
Anniversary of Columbus arrival in the New World
Oct 12, 1492

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Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects

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