Surfing the Net with Kids: Dolphins

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Surfing the Net with Kids: Dolphins

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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May 30, 2001

Dear Reader,

Today is the first day of the Surfnetkids summer weekly schedule —
and although I am open to suggestions — for the time being
I’ve decided to send the topic newsletter (which used to sent
on Sunday) on Wednesday — and give the Reader Review newsletter
a rest for the summer. What do you think?

Today’s Dolphin topic is accompanied by
a free Dolphin Screensaver.


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One of the reasons we find dolphins (and their cousins the whales and porpoises) so delightful is their playful behavior at the ocean’s surface. Breaching, spyhopping, and spouting are just three of the many dolphin antics that scientists have named. More dolphin fun and learning can be found at these five sites.

Aqua Facts: Dolphins and Porpoises


Organized as a set of ten questions (“What’s the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise?”)
and answers, OceanLink AquaFacts is a great place for elementary and middle school students to start their dolphin research. Another worthwhile section of the OceanLink site (follow the link at the bottom of the page) is “Ask a Marine Scientist” with its searchable archive of more than 600 previously asked questions. Toothed whales (dolphins, porpoises, killer and sperm whales) have their own topic page in the Q & A archive.

David’s Whale and Dolphin Watch


David Hoffman of Germany “just loves dolphins and whales and loves to take photos.” And his passion clearly shows in his online photo gallery (“one of the largest collection of dolphin and whale pictures on the Web!”) The exhibition is organized by species into eight galleries. Need a picture for a school report? You may use any of these photos for your printed school report, but you may not post them on a Web page nor use them commercially. Another fun click is David’s collection of dolphin and whale vocalizations in MP3 format.

Scholastic: Dolphins


This fabulous site from Scholastic is my pick of the day because it looks great and has something for everyone, whether you are a teacher or a student in grades 1 through 8. Begin with All About Dolphins, where your host, research biologist Dan Odell, introduces the topic by answering some basic dolphin questions. Next try your hand at the Cetacean Relations Game. Cetaceans are the order of marine mammals that includes all whales, dolphins and porpoises. With all this under your belt, now you are ready to join the virtual field trip (Dolphin Watch) to study bottlenose dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon in Florida. Don’t forget to pack a virtual field notebook to record your sightings.

Whales and Dolphins


This extensive whale and dolphin site from Nature Explorer is just one of ten volumes on animal topics that include Birds, Butterflies, Prehistoric Animals and the Natural History of Yellowstone. To navigate through the site, use the chapter listing (light green) in the upper left hand corner. A complete site index (light yellow) is directly below it. Highlights of the site are the clickable side bars (on the right) filled with interesting factoids, charts and maps.

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises


From the National Marine Mammal Laboratory in Seattle, WA comes another great site for elementary and middle school reports. Start with an explanation of taxonomy, the scientific classification system started 1757 by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeaus and the pages devoted to cetaceans. My favorite page is the grammar tips for writing reports about marine mammals (“You should not capitalize, italicize or underline common names. Example: blue whale.”) You’ll find this link near the bottom of the About Marine Mammals page.

Surfing the Calendar

Premiere of Star Wars: Episode I
May 19, 1999
Amelia Earhart’s Altantic Crossing
May 20, 1932
Memorial Day
May 28, 2001
First Daily American Newspaper Published
May 30, 1783

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Dolphin Adventure: A True Story

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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