Surfing the Net with Kids: Study Skills

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Surfing the Net with Kids: Study Skills

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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September 12, 2001

Dear Reader,

Although it is easy to feel helpless at this time of national
crisis, I decided to SUPPORT LIFE by giving blood. You
can too, by calling the American Red Cross Hotline at
1(800)GIVE-LIFE or by visiting them online at If these are busy, you should be able
to find a local schedule of blood drives by searching for “Red Cross” and the name of your
city or county.
I know that my foreign readers are just as shocked as we are.
Thank you for your support and good wishes.

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  • High above the sky, hidden amongst the clouds, lies a magical place called
    the Cotton Candy Cloud Castle, home to a cute and lovable group of cherubs,
    the Cherub Sweeties. Spend some time with Nilla, Chocka, Caramelle, the
    Berry Bébés Razz and Bloo, Kwi and Sprinkles, and their trusty winged mare
    Glittertail. The Castle is filled with games, activities and stories. It’s free,
    contains no advertising and is completely non-violent. You can feel safe
    letting your child roam the Castle alone, but as with anything else, when you pull up a chair and share the experience, the fun turns to joy. Feel free to come on in

  • Study Skills

    Purchase a printable handout for just $1.00

    Walking through campus on the first day of school, I felt the anticipation in the air. At that moment, before the very first school bell rang, the possibility of an excellent year existed for everyone. Achieving success in school isn’t always easy, but it is attainable if you put your mind to it. Step one is improving your study skills. Here’s how to start.

    Encarta Homework Help


    Nestled among how-to-get-help-with-your-homework articles, are a handful of short features on improving your study skills. My favorites are How to Memorize Almost Anything (“Break the list into small manageable groups or chunks.”) and How to Do More Work in Less Time (“Remove distractions, such as TV, games, or people who might disturb you.”) Although I remember doing homework with the television on, as a mom I rail against my kids when I see them trying to do the same.

    Homework Helper: Study Skills


    “There is no secret to being a good student — all it takes is a lot of hard work!” But to ensure that your hard work is productive, first dive into these three great articles from Information Please: Taking Notes, Reading Textbooks, Studying for Tests. I was never taught study skills (am I showing my age here?) but as I read this advice, I did recognize a few tactics from my own arsenal. For example, I always browse through a book (or textbook) before reading it. Apparently, getting an overview of the material first increases retention.

    How to Study


    Peter Canavan, a Florida teacher and guidance counselor, divides his recommendations into ten sections. In addition to listening and reading comprehension, How to Study includes three sections on using index cards for learning vocabulary (make your own flash cards), writing a research paper (use one for each bibliographic source) and public speaking (write a single idea on each card.) Even in these days of electronic information, the versatile index card survives and thrives!

    University of North Carolina: Study Habits & the Ten Traps


    The appeal of top ten lists is universal, and the Ten Traps of Studying doesn’t disappoint. Here’s one I remember from college: “I’m Gonna Stay Up All Night ’til I Get This.” Unfortunately exhaustion takes its toll both physically and mentally, and recall improves when study time is spread out over time (not crammed into a single session.) Whenever you study, remember to take plenty of breaks; the experts seem to agree on ten minutes every hour.

    Virginia Tech: Study Skills Self Help


    Although written for college students, high school students will also benefit from these study tips. Best clicks are the five Online Study Skills Workshops (including Seven Strategies for Improving Test Performance) which are self-paced slide shows that pop up in their own windows. I suggest starting with the Study Skills Inventory. After answering thirty-two questions on a sliding scale from “Very true” to “Not true at all,” you’ll be directed to various sections of the site (such as articles on time management or note taking) based on your own weaknesses.

    Surfing the Calendar

    Labor Day
    Sep 3, 2001
    International Literacy Day
    Sep 8, 2001
    Roald Dahl’s Birthday
    Sep 13, 1916
    Pilgrims left Plymouth
    England on the Mayflower

    Sep 16, 1620

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    Related Book
    (in association with

    The Study Skills Handbook (Grades 4-8)


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    Surfing the Net with Kids

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