Surfing the Net with Kids: Long Division

Surfing the Net with Kids: Long Division

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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February 13, 2002

Dear Reader,

Last week, a gentleman contacted me. He told me that he had
just put the finishing touches on a guide that could teach
anyone how to create software — even if they’ve never touched
a line of code.

I was pretty skeptical. I thought software was the domain of
experienced programmers.

But Ben persisted and sent me a review copy of his new guide
“Software Secrets — Exposed!” I was curious, so I begin reading
the book. And I have to say — I was quite impressed. Ben really
knows his stuff. He’s a former CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and
an “in-the-trenches” programmer.

What really caught my eye is that Ben wrote this book specifically
for people who never thought they could create software. He realized
that many of us (as parents and teachers) have just the kind of
experience needed to make great software products for kids, students,
schools, homeschoolers and families.

In fact, since I read the book, I’ve started a notebook of several
children’s software products that I’d love to put together! And I
will be returning to Ben’s book as I work on turning my software dreams
into software reality.

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own software — you’ll
want to get your hands on this guide.

Here are some of the things included in Ben’s guide:

– His way of generating solid software ideas, including turning
your hobbies or experience into a profitable software business.
– He describes a simple technique called “Blueprinting” to get
your software ideas down on paper.
– How to build a compelling Web site that will help you to
successfully market and distribute your software.

I talked to Ben and asked if he could set up a special discount for our
readers, and he finally agreed — as long as you pick up the course
before February 16th. Get all the details here:

Now back to today’s Long Division topic, which is accompanied by the following game:

Division Word Search

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Long Division

Purchase a printable handout for just

Last year, at the end of third grade, my daughter came to me with a sad confession. She just
didn’t get long division. Now, seven months later, she’s a long division whiz, called upon to help
other students in her class. What’s her secret to success? She didn’t give up. If you’re looking
for ways to help your kids with long division, here are some sites that can help.

AAA Math: All About Division


All About Division is arranged as a series of three dozen single-page topics, ranging in
difficulty from “Division Facts for Zero to Three” up to “Dividing Numbers in Scientific
Notation.” Each page includes a lesson (titled Learn), an interactive worksheet (Practice) and a
timed quiz (Play.) After each section, you can either scroll down to the next section, or click
Return to Top to navigate with the menu at the top of the page. My favorite activity was the
Countdown quiz (in Play.) How many correct answers can you get in sixty seconds?

School’s Webmath


Discovery School calls this interactive worksheet a “solver.” Enter a long division problem
(such as 2345 divided by 54) and you’ll get two answers. The first is the decimal answer you’d get
from a calculator (43.4259). The second is the quotient with a remainder (43 R 23) along with all
the “show your work” steps. In the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner, you’ll find
dozens of solvers on topics as diverse as addition, permutations and polynomials.

Education: Long Division Worksheets


Visit Improving Education for randomly-generated printable worksheets and answer keys.
Worksheets are available starting with kindergarten-level math, so to get to the four division
worksheets, you’ll need to scroll down the page. Or use your browser Find on This Page function
to search for “division.” At each of the four levels, you can either generate just a worksheet, or a
worksheet with an answer key. Want more of the same? Simply hit refresh and you’ll be
rewarded with a new worksheet with a different set of problems. Computers are so cool!

Math is Fun: Long Division
with Remainders


This is the best step-by-step explanation of long division I found on the Net. The page is a bit
wide, though, so you’ll probably need to scroll left to right to see the whole thing. In addition to
this illustrated example of long division with remainders, there are two more pages on division
(look for the links at the bottom of the page.) The first is an explanation of long division without
remainders, and the second is an explanation of long division with decimal places in the

MathWork Long


MathWork is another nifty site for generating printable division worksheets (but no answer
keys.) Determine the difficulty level by specifying how many digits in the divisor (the number
which divides the other number), how many digits in the quotient (the answer) and whether or not
to include problems with remainders (the amount left over.) When you’ve generated the
appropriate worksheet, hit browser refresh to get another worksheet with the same parameters.
Look in the left-hand menu for two more division worksheets: single-digit horizontal problems
and a five-minute drill that covers all the single-digit divisor facts.

Surfing the Calendar

Winter Olympic Games 2002 Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 8, 2002
Abe Lincoln’s Birthday
Feb 12, 1809
Valentine’s Day
Feb 14, 2002
Anniversary of ENIAC
Feb 14, 1946


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