Surfing the Net with Kids: Washington D.C.

Surfing the Net with Kids: Washington D.C.

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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February 27, 2002

Dear Reader,

I got this note from a parent on my Teen Book Club list
last week:

My fourteen year old just can’t read enough and MY
recommendations are usually received with a roll
of the eyes. However, I review the books that come
on the Surfnetkids Teen Book Club and then forward them
to my daughter’s email. AND SHE READS THEM!!! Well I
guess we do what we can and I’m happy to give you and
your work credit. Sincerely, Laurie P.

Well Laurie, I also have a fourteen-year old and I am
well familiar with the “roll of the eyes!” Learn more about my two FREE book clubs (one for teens
and one for grownups) at:

Today’s Washington D.C. topic is accompanied by the following games:

Washington D.C. Word Guess
Washington D.C. Scramble Quiz
Color the Presidential Seal
White House Jigsaw Puzzle

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Washington D.C.

Purchase a printable handout for just $1.00

Washington D.C. is the seat of our federal government and one of our nation’s most beautiful and historic cities. Before the federal city was created, several cities had served as our capital. In 1790, Alexander Hamilton proposed a permanent capital city on federal land rather than in a state. The District of Columbia was created along the Potomac River in 1791, from land given up by Maryland and Virginia.

D.C Pages: Virtual Tour of the National Mall


Take a virtual 360 degree spin around ten monuments and museums of the National Mall, courtesy of D.C. Pages and the free Zoom viewer plug-in from MGI. For tourists, each monument includes hours of operation and a phone number. For cyber-travelers, the Zoom viewer let you control the vantage point (zoom in, zoom out, spin, and stop) of each picture. Another worthwhile section of the D.C. Pages is History, which traces the city’s roots to the Spanish explorers of the sixteenth century. You’ll find it by returning to the home page, and selecting History from the directory links.

The District


Best educational clicks at The District are the eleven Top Attractions listed in the red and yellow box on the front page. Each monument page includes several interesting facts, a few small pictures, and a link to the attraction’s official Web site. Beyond the Top Attractions, you’ll find even more listings in the yellow left-hand menu under Museums & Galleries, Monuments & Memorials, and Other Attractions.

Explore D.C.


Produced by public television station WETA, the visually rich Explore D.C. is my pick of the day.
It is more than 450 pages long, with an abundance of audio, video and images. Students of all ages will find more than just monuments covered here, as Washington D.C. past and present is explored as both a city and a symbol of our nation. Teachers will appreciate the twenty-four lesson plans covering topics such as local history, U.S. history, black history, and American presidents and first ladies.

The Virtual Smithsonian


The Smithsonian is often referred to as “our nation’s attic” as it holds more than 140 million artifacts for “the increase and diffusion of knowledge”. The Virtual Smithsonian exhibit celebrates the Smithsonian’s 150th anniversary and highlights 360 specimens from the fourteen Smithsonian museums along with a virtual walk to the Castle (as the Smithsonian Institution Building is affectionately known.) The story is told in QuickTime and Shockwave with images, video and audio clips, and rotating 3-D morphing artifacts. Before you enter, click First Time Visitor, and the Virtual Smithsonian will test your browser, and let you know if you are missing any required plug-ins.

Washington Tour Guide


Washington Tour Guide was created by three Canadian high school students for the 1998 ThinkQuest Internet competition. Best clicks are the two virtual walking tours with photos taken by the students themselves. One tour takes you down Pennsylvania Avenue, and the other through the National Mall. Also worth clicking are the two trivia quizzes, and a timeline of Washington D.C.’s history.

Surfing the Calendar

Presidents’ Day
Feb 18, 2002
George Washington’s Birthday
Feb 22, 1732
Scientists announce Dolly,
cloned from an adult sheep

Feb 23, 1997
George Harrison’s Birthday
Feb 25, 1943

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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