Surfing the Net with Kids: British Monarchy

Surfing the Net with Kids: British Monarchy

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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May 29, 2002

Dear Reader,

Yesterday I had one of those parental moments when it all
comes together as you watch your child live up to their
potential. My ten-year old daughter came home with a
bronze medal in a county 24 Challenge Math competition. If you’ve never
seen this math card game for ages 9 to 13, take a look

Now on to a totally different topic: Do you rent DVDs from
your local video store? Last month I joined
I choose my DVDs online and they arrive in my mailbox.
We keep them as long as we want (no LATE FEES ever) and simply
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husband says he hasn’t seen me so excited over anything in
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Today’s British Monarchy topic is accompanied by the following games:

Royal Word Search
Crown Scrambler

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”


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Following the death of her father King George VI on February 6, 1952, Princess Elizabeth
acceded to the throne as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This year, all of Britain is celebrating a
a rare milestone in British history: the Queen’s Golden Jubilee marking fifty years of her

British Monarchy: Kids’


The official site of the British monarchy is my pick of the day because of its depth. Whether
you want info on the Queen’s Jubilee, biographies of the royal family, history of the monarchy or
a peek at their art and residences, you’ll find it all here. This entry page take you to the kids’
section which includes a fact file about the Queen (she owns twelve dogs) and her heirs, and an
ABC glossary of royal vocabulary. To explore the rest of the site, use the menu displayed
horizontally across the top of any page.

Kings & Queens of England


For royal history buffs, this chronology of blue-blooded biographies starts with King Egbert,
crowned in 802 (the “first West Saxon king to exercise authority over most of England”) and
continues to Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. The site has a very useful search function (so you
don’t need to scroll chronologically to find a particular royal), chapters on Palaces, Cathedrals
and Castles, and a fun Facts section where I learned that Henry VI was the youngest king in
British history. He was crowned in 1422 at an age of 8 months and 25 days.

Monarchs of Britain


Need to memorize the order of the English royals? Try this mnemonic ditty that starts with
William the Conqueror: “Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee. Harry, Dick, John, Harry three.” You’ll find
the rest on the Monarchs front page at (“America’s travel gateway to the British
Isles.”) Other gems include a brief British history (thousands of years condensed into eight
chapters), a guide to royal titles and honors, and many biographies. Princess Diana
1961- 1997


Princess Diana captured the world’s heart as no other princess before her. This special report
covers her life and legacy with archived articles from Time Magazine. Best clicks are the Photo
Essay, TIME on the Life of Diana (from the September 15, 1997 issue) and the Reading Room
of illustrated features dating back to 1983.

Public Record
Office: Virtual Museum Kings & Queens


The Public Record Office is the national archive of England, Wales and the United Kingdom,
preserving records that span from the eleventh century to the present. Their Virtual Museum
offers just a glimpse of their holdings, including this eclectic eight-item Kings & Queens gallery.
My favorite click is Edward VIII’s letter of abdication dated December 10, 1936. He is the only
British monarch to have abdicated voluntarily, which he did in order to marry Wallis Simpson, an
American divorcee. The exhibit is also available as a printable PDF (look for the “P” book icon in
the upper right hand corner.)

Surfing the Calendar

Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month
Jun 1, 2002
National Fireworks Safety Month
Jun 1, 2002
Queen Elizabeth crowned
Jun 2, 1953
Aesop’s birthday
Jun 4, 620 BC


Related Book
(in association with

Queen and Country : The Fifty-Year Reign of Elizabeth II


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Surfing the Net with Kids

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