Surfing the Net with Kids: Going to the Beach

Surfing the Net with Kids: Going to the Beach

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Surfing the Net with Kids


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July 17, 2002

Dear Reader,

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Today’s Going to the Beach topic is accompanied by the following games:

Beach Slider
Sun Safety Word Search
Sun Protection Mix & Match

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Going to the Beach

It’s summertime and for those of us on the coasts, this means beach time. Today’s selections are a potpourri of beach topics, from sand castles to surfing, beach cams to beach safety. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sun hat, and please rinse off before coming back into the house.

Earthcam Beach Web Cams


Every time I see a live streaming Web cam, I’m still somewhat awestruck by the concept. This Earthcam page is a collection of links to beach cams from around the world. I enjoyed showing my son the cams from the Italian Riviera, where rented beach umbrellas and chaise lounges are neatly arranged in rows, in sharp contrast to the multi-colored chaos of our local beach (viewable on the CamZone Del Mar Beach cam.)

Project Wipeout


Project Wipeout is an educational beach safety program sponsored by Hoag Hospital of Newport Beach, California. Visit for water safety tips (Protect Yourself) and emergency instructions (Water Rescue Techniques.) Best clicks are found on the Video Clips page, and include Body Surfing Safety Tips. Teachers and lifeguards can request a free Project Wipeout video by calling (949)574-6232.

Sand Castles


“We think the world would be a better place if more people were having fun in the sand. Seeing a completed work by a polished professional may make you think there is a certain amount of magic involved… how do they make the sand stand like that? Well, here is your invitation to peek behind the wizard’s curtain. All we ask in return is that you get out there and move some sand and make sure you have fun while you are at it.” Tips are available online, as well as in a downloadable, printable PDF file. Links to other cool sand sculpture pages can be found in the Photos section.

Science of Surfing


“The last fifteen years have seen a dramatic change in our ability to predict when a good surfing swell will hit the coast, where it will break best and, roughly, how big it will be. Today, you don’t have be a surf bum to ride good waves you just need access to accurate weather predictions.” After learning which elements produce the best surf, try your hand at building the perfect wave (and taking a virtual surf on it) in this cool weather simulator. Next, surf on over to the Physics of Surfing to learn why surfing is like “running down the up escaltor.”

Sun Protection


From the research department of L’Oréal cosmetics, Sun Protection starts with an excellent explanation of the short- and long-term effects of sun exposure. Next it delves into our body’s natural defenses (the production of melanin, the tanning pigment,) skin types, and sun solutions. This site is so good, every page is a best click! If any of the scientific words stump you, you’ll find a glossary link at the bottom of every page.

Surfing the Calendar

Disneyland Opens
Jul 17, 1955
Man Walks on the Moon
Jul 20, 1969
Amelia Earhart’s Birthday
Jul 24, 1897
Harry Potter’s Birthday
Jul 31, 1980

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Surfing the Net with Kids

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