Surfing the Net with Kids EXTRA: Puzzle Clonzz

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Puzzle Clonzz

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Puzzle Clonzz

August 12, 2002

Dear Reader,

When I first was contacted by Compoz-a-Puzzle about Puzzle Clonzz, their blank, computer-printable jigsaw
puzzle paper, I was intrigued enough to click
and take a look.

At their Web store, I was a bit confused
by the layout (HINT: Click on the blue PRICING button to order) but very excited by the idea of printing paper jigsaw puzzles from
my computer. I ordered a package of twenty-four sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ forty-piece puzzle paper.

The puzzle paper arrived promptly and I hid it from my kids because I wanted to surprise them with photo puzzles and letter puzzles while they were at sleep away camp.
After they left for camp, I found a funny photo of my husband with the dog and
two cats, and printed it on the Puzzle Clonzz paper from our ink jet printer.

The forty-piece puzzle printed PERFECTLY — not a hitch or a snag. I was concerned that as the paper ran through my printer, it would break up into forty little pieces, and I would have a printer jam of
nightmare proportions.

After printing the puzzle, I broke apart the forty puzzle pieces (yes, this did take a bit of time, but again — it went perfectly — the puzzle ONLY broke apart between the pre-cut pieces and DIDN’T tear where it wasn’t supposed to) and mailed them.

After seeing my puzzle masterpieces, my sister-in-law used the paper to handwrite letters (she used a thin permanent maker) to her girls, also away at camp.

The reaction from my daughter, son, and two nieces? They LOVED the puzzles! They were SO SURPRISED because they had never seen anything like this before.

This success got me thinking about other applications for Puzzle Clonzz:

  • party invitations
  • computer lab projects
  • classroom projects
  • pen pal letters
  • family fun

I’m sure you can think of even more ideas!

Here’s the link one more time:

Puzzle Clonzz: Computer Printable Jigsaw Puzzles
(click on the blue PRICING button to order)

See ya on the Net!
Barbara J. Feldman
Surfing the Net with Kids

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