Surfing the Net with Kids EXTRA: Anti-Virus Package

Surfing the Net with Kids: Anti-Virus Package

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Anti-Virus Package

September 8, 2002

Dear Reader,

When I saw that the $29.99 price on this critically-acclaimed Norton SystemWorks package included FR*EE domestic
shipping, I did a little snooping around to find out why the
price was so low.

But first let me tell you about Norton SystemWorks 2002
Professional Edition
for Windows, and then I’ll tell you why
it’s on sale for this ridiculously low price.

Norton SystemWorks 2002 Professional Edition
is six advanced
utilities for PC protection and Windows optimization.

For just $29.99 you get *ALL* of the following:

—> Norton Anti-Virus (My virus protection of choice for
many, many years.
—> Norton Ghost
—> Norton Utilities
—> Norton Cleansweep
—> Norton WinFax
BE WITHOUT! More on this later.)

You’ve probably heard of Norton Anti-Virus, and I’m sure you
are familiar with why every computer needs virus protection.
I’ve used Norton Anti-Virus for many years, and the product
is rock-solid. If you’ve used anti-virus software before,
you also know that anti-virus data files need to be updated
every two weeks to insure protection against all the latest
virus strains. This package includes one year of updates.

The hidden gem in this package is (in my opinion) Roxio
GoBack. I was introduced to GoBack two years ago when it
came pre-installed on my new Gateway computer. I can’t
believe I almost removed it before I even tried it, because
now that I used it for two years, I will NEVER again own a
computer without it.

This miracle utility can reverse any and all mistakes,
bloopers, tragedies, disasters, deletions, or mysterious
accidents that befall your computer files — as long as you
recognize the error within a reasonable time frame. It
performs its magic by reverting your hard drive to its
exact state from an earlier time of your selection. The
size of GoBack’s history buffer is configurable, and
depends on your needs and the size of your hard drive.

If you’ve ever uttered “UH OH” while working at the
computer, you can probably imagine how useful GoBack is.
I end up using GoBack’s revert feature about once a month,
and each time I do, it’s worth ten times what I paid for it.

So why is this $69.95 package being sold for just $29.95
including domestic shipping? Two reasons. First, this
CD-ROM product ships without a box or jewel case. It
includes complete installation instructions and documentation
on the CD-ROM, but does not include a dead-tree manual.

Second, the 2003
version of this software will be released within a month.
Just like in the car business, as fall turns to winter,
the new models come out — and the “old” models go on sale.

For my readers overseas, this package is also available with
low-cost international shipping. Just follow the international
link at the very bottom of the order page.

Here’s the link for both US and overseas orders.

See ya on the Net!
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

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