Surfing the Net with Kids EXTRA: Spelling Software

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Spelling Software

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Spelling Software

October 21, 2002

Dear Reader,

When I told my daughter Erica that Surfnetkids was selling a
spelling program that made games out of spelling words, she
was very excited! We sat down together to learn the program,
and I took a few notes to share with you.

First, a little tech talk. SpellMaker is a software program
that runs from your hard drive. It is shipped on CD-ROM (it
is not a download) and works on either Windows or Mac. You
may install it on a standalone machine or a network server.
The program will work for one child, or hundreds. If your
network requires an installation on each workstation, you
can purchase a Lab Pack with five CD-ROMs at significant

Now a little about the program. SpellMaker does NOT contain
any spelling words. It is up to you (the parent or teacher)
to enter the spelling lists. Once a spelling list has been
saved on your hard drive, your child can select it to study
interactively or from a printed page. Activities include:

  • print a spelling list
  • play or print a word unscramble
  • print a word search
  • play with or print flash cards
  • write sentences using the spelling words
  • take an online or printed spelling test

Before I give you the order link, here are a few more
thoughts I had while using the program.

#1: SpellMaker does not include a voice synthesizer; it
does not speak. You will still need to READ the spelling
words to your child (or students) in order to administer
the spelling test. The words must be read in order if
you want to take advantage of self-scoring facility in

#2: Not only will your students do better on their spelling
tests, but their typing skills will improve!

#3: There is only one Administrator ID for the adult that
enters the spelling lists and sets up the student accounts.
If there are multiple teachers entering lists, you will
need to either share the Administrator password, assign one
teacher to do the job, or buy multiple copies of the

#4: The Administrator can print an answer key to the
printable word searches. Children can only print the word
search puzzle itself.

Here’s the link where you can see some screen shots and
order SpellMaker for just $24.95 including free shipping:

See ya on the Net!
Barbara J. Feldman
Surfing the Net with Kids

P.S. Yes, we accept personal checks and purchase orders from U.S.
schools. Use this printable order form for fax or mail.

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