Surfing the Net with Kids Newsletter: Seahorses

Surfing the Net with Kids: Seahorses

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October 23, 2002

Dear Reader,

After returning from my cross-country flight, I caught the
world’s worst cold! Being completely groggy, writing was out
of the question. On the other hand, I’m not a very good
napper, and going to bed to watch television in the middle
of the day just didn’t appeal to me. So, I sat dutifully at
my desk — doing stuff.

One of the things I did was create a six-page Thanksgiving-
themed coloring book, which can be downloaded and printed.
I’ve posted it in my Printables Club members-only area.
If you’ve not checked out my ten-day no-risk trial membership,
why not do so today? Members can log in here.

Today’s Seahorses topic is accompanied by the following game:

Seahorse Slider

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

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Seahorse dads actually get pregnant! I didn’t know this until I visited the Birch Aquarium
with my daughter’s fifth-grade class last week. Besides my fascination with their parenting
styles, I was mesmerized by their lyrical movements and colorful variety. Here are my picks
for online seahorse watching from home, or classroom or library.

Docslaw Seaworld


Dr. Ruediger Verhasselt, of Düsseldorf, Germany, has a digital camera and several tanks of
seahorses, and has put them all to good use. His bilingual hobby site is home to nearly 200
extraordinary annotated photos, information on the biology of seahorses, and details for those
interested in keeping or breeding seahorses. Verhaselt’s English is excellent, and the
occasional grammatical error easy to overlook.

Monterey Bay Aquarium:
Saving Seahorses


Although you can’t visit the Saving Seahorses exhibit in Monterey, California anymore, its
virtual counterpart lives on . “With horselike heads and kangaroo-like pouches, seahorses don’t
look much like fish. But look again they breathe through gills and have tiny fins for
swimming.” Excellent writing and great photos are a winning combination at Saving
Seahorses. Topics to explore include why seahorses are imperiled and what conservation
efforts are under way. You’ll find seahorse e-cards on the Seahorse Saviors page.

NOVA Online: Kingdom of the


Amanda Vincent, a marine biologist dedicated to the conservation of the seahorse, is the
focus of this PBS site. “No one knows exactly how many seahorses there are in the world.
Because of this, and because of the high demand for the seahorse, conservationists are working
hard to ensure this magical fish has a future.” All four site sections are worth visiting: the
Vincent interview, Hot Science (for seahorse basics), Roundup (the photo gallery), and
Superdads (find out which animal dads — besides the seahorse are involved in parenting

Project Seahorse FAQ


Everything you need for your school report on seahorses can be found at Project Seahorse.
From “What do seahorses look like?” to questions about seahorse conservation, this single page
Q&A covers all the basics. Learn how male seahorses become pregnant and carry their
offspring to term in their pouch; where seahorses are found; and how seahorses rely on
camouflage to capture prey and avoid predators.

Secrets of the Seahorse


Both the science and art of the seahorse are addressed at my pick-of-the-day site from San
Diego’s Birch Aquarium. Start your visit with a history lesson on early efforts to learn about
the seahorse. Continue with seahorse biology, a look at the Gasterosteiformes family tree, and
the excellent Threats section. The most unique seahorse clicks are the winning entries from the
seahorse poetry contest and the gallery of decorative items found under Inspiration. My
favorite click is Conservation, where you can watch a video of Neptune’s Nursery, where Birch
is propagating seahorses for distribution to other marine facilities.

Surfing the Calendar

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