Surfing the Net with Kids EXTRA: Building an Online Business

Surfing the Net with Kids: Building an Online Business

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Building an Online Business

November 3, 2002

Dear Reader,

At first glance, the topic of today’s EXTRA edition might seem a bit
off topic for “Surfing the Net with Kids.” But in my years of
writing to you, I have learned that not only are my readers teachers
and parents, but many of you also have
online businesses, or are looking for home-based opportunities. If this
describes you, then read on.

Building an online business requires inspiration (your idea),
perspiration (your effort) and education (your knowledge.)
If you have neither the inspriration or perspiration, I can’t
help you. But if you do, and you’re looking for education
on exactly HOW to turn your idea into a reality, I can help!

Today’s sponsor is the (goofily-name) Money Browser private
site from Internet Warrior Allen Says. It is a treasure-trove
of expert advice in the form of e-books, seminar transcripts,
CGI scripts, and databases.

For less than twenty dollars, you get lifetime access to the
Money Browser site, which includes hundreds of valuable downloadable
resources, and is growing every week. Yes, I said less than twenty
dollars for lifetime access.

Let me tell about a few of the gems you’ll find there:

1) “How To Create & Sell Your Own Profitable eBook On The Web” by Ken
This 400-page ebook is worth more than the $39.95 it sells for at Ken’s

2) “E-Mail Marketing Strategies – Revealed” by Bryan Kumar
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3) “Media Access 7000”
Exploit the power of press releases with 7000 names, addresses, phone
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4) “The Ultimate Ad Tracker” by Wes Blaylock
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Wes’s site.

5) “Affiliate Master” program script to start your own affiliate program.

6) “DirectMarketingPro Follow-Up Autoresponder Script”
Complete script to run follow-up autoresponders from your site. This
script sells for
$47 elsewhere.

7) “More Ebay Secrets Revealed” by David Vallieres
A bestseller that sells for $14.95 elsewhere.

Are you still with me? The list goes on and on, but there are a few
things I must warn
you about before I give you the link for ordering.

First, Allen Says writes a very bold “IN YOUR FACE” sales letter, so
please don’t let
that put you off. The content is first-rate, and your satisfaction is
guaranteed. Buy
today, take thirty-days to decide if it’s worth every penny. If it is
not, just email
me, and I will refund your purchase price.

Second, this offer is only available for Windows users because of the
unique way
Allen delivers new product announcements with a little desktop dollar-sign
that BLINKS whenever a new info-product is available in the membership

Third, the site itself is not very well organized. Each resource (and
there are hundreds of them) is just listed one after another. It is easy
get discouraged when looking at the volume of information presented. My
is to take a deep breath, and just peruse the site the first time. Then,
with a cup
of coffee or tea, go back a second time and choose just one resource to

Digesting all this new information will take time, and as you read it, you
need to
be receptive to the ah-ha! moment of inspiration.

I usually find that printing an ebook, and reading it with a pen or marker
hand is better than reading it onscreen, where I’m used to speed reading
and moving on. This allows me to think about the material, and apply it
my own situation.

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
Syndicated Columnist “Surfing the Net with Kids”