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Surfing the Net with Kids: SAT Vocabulary

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December 4, 2002

Dear Reader,

Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish readers Our household is in full holiday mode, with
Thanksgiving and Hanukkah happening all at once. But this morning it dawned on me
that my kids have two weeks of school vacation in just two and a half weeks,
and I haven’t made any family plans. Yikes!

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Surfnetkids Resource of the Week:
Did you know that Surfnetkids hosts a discussion forum? Not
many do, and it has remained unused, ignored and lonely for
several years. It actually consists of four separate boards:
Parents & Teachers, For Kids Only, Grownup Book Club and Teen
Book Club.

To make these boards come alive, I would love to have a few
volunteer adult moderators. This would involve responding to
vistor questions, encouraging discussion, and removing
inappropriate posts. Any takers?

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

SAT Vocabulary


The best way to increase one’s vocabulary is to read voraciously. But if you have a particular set of words you want to learn (perhaps with an eye on increasing your verbal score on college entrance exams) these fives sites make fun out of learning words commonly found on the SAT, ACT and GRE.

CraniaMania: SAT Vocabulary



CraniaMania is a competitive academic game site with weekly competitions in high school subjects such as SAT Vocabulary, AP Biology, Algebra, AP World History and more. Teens can register as individual students; teachers can sign up an entire classroom. The site is updated every Monday with new multiple-choice questions, and the weekly competitions for prizes end each Sunday at midnight. CraniaMania is great fun, and educational to boot!

Seldeen’s Vocab SAT



“Are you ready for the SAT vocab? You aren’t ready unless you know these 150 words. Research has shown that there are words that consistently appear on the SAT and are consistently missed.” Learn them with Seldeen’s ten multiple-choice quizzes. After you’ve completed each fifteen-word quiz, you can opt to receive an emailed study guide which includes word definitions and study tips.

Sheppard Software Vocabulary Games



“Good.” “Right.” “Yes” “Great!” These five Sheppard quizzes offer encouraging spoken feedback. Two of the games draw from a vocabulary of 720 commonly-tested SAT/GRE words. Each round consists of twenty select-the-definition questions, so you can play over and over again, with very little repetition. The three non-SAT games are an expert-level vocab game (with words like “opprobrium” and “eldritch”), and quizzes on computer and medical terminology.

Study Hall Mystery Novela



“You SENILE DOTARD!” Dr. Clark grumbled loudly to himself as he tripped over criss-crossing cords and hit his thigh on the corner of the desk. Still not HABITUATED to his new office, the old professor brushed back a few of the SPARSE wisps of gray hair from his round face and squinted as he PEERED through his thick eyeglasses trying to identify the AMORPHOUS shapes that he perceived.” As you read this fourteen-chapter novella, you can click on any of the capitalized SAT vocab words to view their definition in a frame at the bottom of your browser window.

Vocabulary.com: Most Important SAT Words



Vocabulary University presents eleven puzzles using many of the one-hundred most- frequently tested SAT words. This first page has three puzzles; you’ll find links to the rest of them just below the Submit Query button. Each question gives you the root of the answer, and many questions include synonym and antonym hints. After playing, try composing a short story using all words from one of the puzzles. Use the Post-my-Story link near the bottom of the page to submit your story for possible publication.

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Related Books


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