[Surfnetkids EXTRA] Electric Scooter

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Electric Scooter

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Electric Scooter

December 19, 2002

Dear Reader,

Yes, it’s me again. Although I just mailed you
yesterday with the usual weekly Surfnetkids
newsletter, this sponsor wanted to reach you
before Christmas week. Do take a look at their offer.
It is a terrific price on a very hot item.

The Electric Scooter is this Year’s #1 Christmas Gift
Kids love scooters. Now they can get an electric one that
rides at a safe 10 miles per hour!

Just plug it in, charge it up and go.

To learn more, visit us here.

==> Can ride up to 8 miles on one charge

==> Goes up to 10 MPH

==> Powerful 100 Watt Motor

==> Takes 3-4 Hours for a Full Charge

The Electric Scooter is safe, pollutant-free and very
inexpensive. Our factory direct price is just ninety-
nine dollars – that’s over two-hundred dollars less
than department store prices.

You can see a picture of this beautiful Electric Scooter
by visiting us here.

Happy Holidays,
Barbara J. Feldman
Surfing the Net with Kids

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