[Surfnetkids EXTRA] Printables Club & Sweepstakes

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Printables Club & Sweepstakes

Surfnetkids EXTRA: Printables Club & Sweepstakes


January 21, 2003

Dear Reader,

Have you sampled the Surfnetkids Printables Club yet?
Would like to try it risk free for ten days and have
a chance at winning a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate?

The Surfnetkids Printables Club provides printable,
clickable (interactive) Internet enrichment handouts
for use in the classroom or at home. Each week a
new two-page printable is released on a timely
“Surfing the Net with Kids” topic.

How do members use the Printables? In the computer lab,
for research projects, for gifted enrichment, for
parent handouts, posted in the computer corner …
the possibilities are endless.

Here’s the offer: an annual subscription gives you
unlmited access to over a hundred printables, along
with printable word searches, and a few bonus items
for only $14.95 for individuals (and $73 for a school-wide site license)
Click here to sign up.

How will you know if the Surfnetkids Printables is
for you? Take advantage of the free ten-day trial. This
trial membership requires a credit card, but since you
will have unlimited access during your ten-day membership,
this limits the offer to serious lookers only!
Click here to sign up.

Once you’ve received your username and password,
you will be able to enter the Surfnetkids Printables
Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $25 Amazon.com
gift certificate. I know $25 may not be as exciting
as the millions given away by big publishing contests,
but your odds of winning this sweepstakes are considerably
better :)

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
Surfing the Net with Kids

P.S. Becoming a Printables Club member is a great
way to support the free weekly Surfnetkids newsletter.
If you’ve enjoyed the Surfnetkids resources over
the years, this is a way to show your appreciation.

P.P.S. Existing Printables Club members can enter the
sweepstakes here.

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