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February 26, 2003

Dear Reader,

Last Wednesday a crew of three painters invaded our home. I thought
they’d paint room by room, leaving us some space to live and sleep
while they worked, but I was wrong. The very first morning they moved
all our furniture into the middle of each room, and piled everything
else on top of our beds.

All week the kids have been sleeping on the floors, while my husband and
I moved things around each night in order to sleep on a mattress.
The dogs and cats have been locked in various rooms (MEOW MEOW MEOW) so
they wouldn’t accidentally brush against the wet paint.

We lived without sofas, chairs, television, and computers (YIKES!) The
very first night I started a novel, and then placed it in a very
special place so I’d be able to find it during the chaos. The next
night I couldn’t remember where that “very special place” was!

Yesterday the painters finished. I found my lost novel and I am
now the proud owner of several red walls, a purple wall, a green
bathroom, and a purple bedroom for my daughter. I am happy. I love my
new colors.

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

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Popcorn is fun to make, healthy to eat, and a great ingredient for science experiments. Whether you are entertaining preschoolers or teaching middle-schoolers the scientific method, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these popcorn pages.

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The games are fun, the snacks are tasty, and there’s even a smattering of science to explore at Jolly Time Popcorn Kids Club. If you’re looking for recipes, you’ll find some in the Kids Recipe Box and others in Cozy Kitchen. Best click is the Science of Popcorn section, where you’ll learn what makes popcorn pop, and read about the history of popcorn with a timeline that starts 82,000 years ago. For teachers, the Poppin’ Library has lesson plans filed by subject.

KCTS Learning Quest: Popcorn Science!



Tom Charouhas’ classroom at Rose Hill Junior High in Redmond, Washington was filmed testing the “popability” of bargain brand and gourmet popcorn. Do the kernels of Brand A or Brand B pop more efficiently? Efficiency was measured by calculating the percent of unpopped kernels, and by comparing pre-pop and post-pop mass. In addition to watching the Real Audio video clip, you can pick up printable lab packets, hypotheses worksheets, and grading rubrics.

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Don’t let the plain looking entrance fool you, there is plenty here for elementary-age students to learn about corn production and corn products. Each of the three activity groups (too bad they don’t have better titles) is divided into four pages of learning, experiments and multiple-choice quizzes. Don’t miss the microwave recipe for creating biodegradable plastic from corn starch and corn oil. You’ll find it in Activities Group 3: Become an Environmental Scientist. The teacher guides include a glossary and answer keys.

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