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March 5, 2003

Dear Reader,

Am I a reviewer of “Web sites” or “websites?”

Although I’ve used “Web site” for years, recently
I find myself gravitating toward “website.” Now, when
I look at my work, I see inconsistencies everywhere —
and it’s driving me crazy!

So, I sought advice from the Chicago Manual of Style website
(see what I mean?) and it just made matters worse. Here’s
what they say:

” .. generally, I would recommend ‘Web site’ for formal
writing, but ‘website’ for informal writing or friendly
writing. Unless, of course, you prefer ‘Web site’ even
when you’re being friendly.”

I don’t do any formal writing. I consider ALL my writing
friendly — so I guess I get to decide whether I prefer
“Web site” or “website.”

What do YOU think? You can post comments “in my office.”

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

Yellowstone National Park


Wolf Scrambler
Wolf Crossword
Download a Wolf Screensaver

(Teach your kids how to make games just
like these with my step-by-step manual.

Yellowstone National Park in northern Wyoming, our country’s first National Park, is known for its spectacular geothermal wonders: mud pots, steam vents, hot springs, and roaring geysers. Every year the park accommodates more than four million visitors, yet it remains a sanctuary for wildlife such as wolves, coyotes, elk, bears, bison, river otters and foxes.

American Visionaries: Thomas Moran



Thomas Moran was an early twentieth-century American artist whose Yellowstone watercolors where shown to Congress by national park proponents. His artwork was a powerful argument, and Congress established the National Park System (NPS) in 1916. This Web exhibit features Moran’s watercolors and sketches and the photography of William Henry Jackson, another member of the original Yellowstone survey team.

Old Faithful Geyser Web Cam



Yellowstone is famous for its 200 geysers, and Old Faithful is the most famous of all. Although it is neither the largest nor most regular, it’s popular because it erupts more frequently than the other big Yellowstone geysers. Each morning, the Old Faithful Web Cam site calculates the day’s schedule, based on an average interval of eighty minutes between eruptions. When you arrive, you’ll see a countdown to the next expected performance and a real-time photo that refreshes every thirty seconds. If you visit at night, or can’t wait for the next live show, check out the archive of past eruptions.

PBS: Yellowstone: America’s Sacred Wilderness



Eloquent prose, fabulous photographs, amazing 3-D tours and three marvelous Webquests (for students in grades four through six) make this my pick-of-the-day site. Start your adventure with the virtual panoramic tours of Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower Fall and Old Faithful. Other great clicks are Reflections on Yellowstone (a look the land and the threats closing in on it), Featured Creatures (bears, wolves, elk and bison), and the Yellowstone screensavers for Mac and Windows.

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