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April 23, 2003

Dear Reader,

Our spring-break college tour was great fun! Even though many
thought our efforts premature (my son is just a freshman), we
learned a lot. For example, my son agonized a great deal about
whether or not to take AP Chemistry next year. But based on what
we learned last week, because he is interested in applying to several
very selective colleges, we’ve decided he should pursue the most
challenging high-school curriculum he can handle. So, AP Chemistry
it is!

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”



Arbor Day is a national holiday that encourages tree planting and tree care. First celebrated in Nebraska in 1872, National Arbor Day is now observed annually on the last Friday in April. It is an opportunity to learn about the ecological and economic importance of trees.

Arbor Day Crafts



From things you probably already have around the house (such as construction paper and egg cartons) Enchanted Learning creates seven tree-related craft projects. The colorfully illustrated step-by-step instructions are great for preschoolers and lower elementary grades. Looking past Arbor Day, these crafts will also be fun around Thanksgiving (see the string of leaves) and Christmas (especially the paper evergreen tree, and the pop-up tree greeting card.)

Arbor Day Net



Arbor Day Net tells the history of Arbor Day, from 1872 Nebraska to President Nixon’s 1970 creation of National Arbor Day. Nebraska’s first Arbor Day, proposed by state agriculture board member J. Sterling Morton, was an amazing success — more than one million trees were planted. So when Nebraska made Arbor Day an official state holiday in 1885, they chose to honor Morton by celebrating it on his birthday , April 22nd. Arbor Day (or some variation) is celebrated in many countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, Korea and Israel.

Kids for Trees



“Trees don’t just stand around. They do many jobs that are very important to animals, people, and the environment.” This illustrated, eleven-page guide for K- 3 students was created by The Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Best clicks are the glossary (from “Arbor Day” to “zoologist”) , and the teacher guide, which includes ideas for projects and activities. The site is also available in Spanish. To find it, click on “Other Classroom Materials” and follow the link to “Wild About Plants.”

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Surfing the Calendar

Endangered Species for Earth Day
Apr 22, 2003
Shakespeare’s Birthday
Apr 23, 1564
World Penguin Day
Apr 25, 2003
National Volunteer Week
Apr 27, 2003

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