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Surfing the Net with Kids: Mother’s Day

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May 7, 2003

Dear Reader,

Yesterday I went on an all-day field trip to the Museum of Tolerance with my
daughter’s fifth grade class. The Tolerance Center exhibit
was fantastic, and today I’m going to see if I can find
enough good online material for column on tolerance.

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Slider

(Teach your kids how to make games just
like these with my step-by-step manual. )

Mother’s Day is a time to show our gratitude for everything Moms do. And for those Moms who
are lucky enough to still have their own Moms to celebrate with, it’s a double holiday. Happy
Mother’s Day to all!

Billy Bear’s Happy Mother’s Day



Billy Bear comes through for Mom, with gifts to print, color and cut; postcards to send; and
certificates to fill out. My favorite clicks are the printable Photo House picture frame that can be
colored and filled with family photos, and the always popular Promise Booklet of coupons to
relieve Mom of her daily chores.. Other unique electronic gifts include Happy Mother’s Day
wallpaper and screensavers for Mom’s computer.

Biography.com: 100 Moms



100 Moms is a fun look at famous mothers, organized into categories such as Rock Moms,
Political Moms, TV Moms and Animated Moms such as Wilma Flintstone and Didi Pickles (of
Rugrats fame.) Visit also for a short piece on the history of Mother’s Day, and to read (or
contribute) poetic tributes to Mom. Take part in the poll to learn which TV mom most closely
matches our ideals.

How Stuff Works: Who Came Up with Mother’s Day and Why?



I’d always thought Mother’s Day was an American creation, but historians point to Greek and
Roman spring festivals that honored mother goddesses as the true origins of our modern
celebration. In more recent history, Anna Jarvis started campaigning in 1907 to formalize
Mother’s Day, and achieved success in 1914 when President Wilson declared the second Sunday
in May to be Mother’s Day. But Jarvis eventually became bitter about the holiday. Learn more at
How Stuff Works.

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Surfing the Calendar

Central and Union Pacific Railroads meet
May 10, 1869
International Migratory Bird Day
May 10, 2003
Start of California Gold Rush
May 12, 1848
Windmill Day
May 10, 2003

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