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June 4, 2003

Dear Reader,

Last week I started the story of our flood. Here’s where we stand today on the Good News/Bad News Scoreboard:

  • no asbestos found in lathe and plaster walls (good news)
  • asbestos found under linoleum flooring in guest room closet (bad news)
  • mold found in wall shared by bathroom and guest room closet (more bad news)
  • we are covered for the flood (very good news)
  • we are partially covered for the mold (so-so news)
  • I’m learning lots about dealing with contractors (wish I didn’t have to)

Share your own stories with my readers by posting a comment here. Misery loves company!

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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Genealogy Word Search

(Teach your kids how to make games just
like these with my step-by-step manual. )

The National Genealogical Society estimates that family history is the second most popular hobby in America (after gardening) and one of the most searched for topics on the Internet. As a hobby, genealogy has all the right stuff. It is fun, educational, addictive, and everyone (regardless of their age) can join in.

Family Education: Family History Package



Six how-to articles (excerpted from the official Ellis Island Foundation publication “Do People Grow on Family Trees?”) and a set of printable forms comprise this family history lesson from Family Education. The section on conducting family interviews is excellent, with advice such as “Start with easy, friendly questions.” There is also a printable checklist of interview questions, not found in same section, but rather in Genealogy Forms. Look in the lower left-hand corner of the home page for the link.

Genealogy.com: Genealogy Classes



For those ready to take the next step in their family research, Genealogy.com serves up eighty-five free online lessons to explore at your own pace. Classes are divided into four sections: Beginning Genealogy, Internet Genealogy, Tracing Immigrant Origins, and Researching with Genealogy.com (a guide to their subscription service.) Each illustrated lesson covers a specific topic (such as Pre-1820 Immigration) making it easy to find the information you want if you are looking for specific help.

Introduction to Genealogy: A Free Online Class



The genealogy site at About.com hosts a self-paced four-lesson introduction to genealogy that includes interaction in a discussion forum, homework assignments and online quizzes. In addition to the class, this site has oodles of articles and reviews of other genealogy sites. Two great clicks are Genealogy Glossary and U.S. Vital Records (organized by state), both found in the upper left- hand corner under Essentials.

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