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June 11, 2003

Dear Reader,

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

Water Cycle


Water Cycle Quiz
Water Cycle Word Search

(Teach your kids how to make games just
like these with my step-by-step manual. )

A glass of water doesn’t seem very complicated. Yet water can be a fascinating topic, full of opportunities for hands-on learning. Today’s sites includes dozens of activities and experiments for the young and curious ready to learn about the exciting life of a simple drop of water.

EPA: Drinking Water Kids Stuff



The EPA offers a combination of online lessons, games, and three printable curriculum guides for grades K through 12. Make “Games and Online Activities” your first stop, where (despite the title) you’ll find educational, illustrated articles on the water cycle, water treatment, conservation tips, water trivia and two word games. For fun projects for home, scout troop, or classroom (such as “Build Your Own Water Cycle” and “Build Your Own Watershed.”) visit “Classroom Activities & Experiments.”

KidZone The Water Cycle



Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection: this terrific single-page explains it all for lower-elementary students. Best clicks are the five printable activity sheets, available in both color or color-it-yourself black-and-white. The first printable illustrates the entire cycle, and each individual process has its own sheet. You’ll find them at the very bottom of the page. For more “Super Simple Science,” explore the topics in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.

USGS Water Cycle: Follow a Drip



The U.S.Geological Survey follows a water drip from ocean to cloud and back down again in this site for middle and high-school students. Their beautiful hydrologic (water) cycle diagram is available in English, Spanish, and a bigger version just for printing. Additional water science topics can be found under the rainbow; just click on a cloud! The glossary of water science terms, however, isn’t on the rainbow menu. You’ll find its link in the lower right-hand corner of each page.

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When was the last time you read a novel? Do you miss the
buzz you get from reading a good story?

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