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June 25, 2003

Dear Reader,

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and although I am not penning
an Independence Day column this year, there are a few oldies from my
archives that are still goodies:

And for games, printable flags and an American flag screensaver,
click here.

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

ThinkQuest USA 2003


ThinkQuest USA is an annual website competition for grades three through twelve with over 400 entries. Today’s five picks are among those winning the highest honors. To see all the winning sites and learn about registering for next year’s competition, visit ThinkQuest USA.

Inside Scoop on Farms



“Looking for farm information for a school report? Or just love farms, and things that mooooo?
You have come to the right place!” Dairy, livestock, poultry and crop farming are all covered in this lower-division grand prize winner written by four eleven-year old boys. Although none of the team members live on farms, their research involving visiting some for hands-on learning and photo shoots. In addition to the original articles, the site includes lots of links to farm-related games, puzzles and coloring pages.

The German Tutor



Creating a collection of interactive German lessons for both English and Spanish speakers won this high-school team a second place prize. The site is organized so that it can be used sequentially as a complete introduction to German, or randomly, jumping to specific units as you need them. To study the units in sequence, simply follow the left-hand menu from Diagnosis to Lessons. For a quick overview of German pronunciation and grammar, try the “compressed tutorial” German on the Go!

Of Mind and Matter: The Mystery of the Human Brain



Three young men from Connecticut won the high-school grand prize with this biology entry about the human brain. Starting with anatomy and function, and progressing to disorders and psychology, this site is well-written, has a great design and is peppered with interactivity. My favorite clicks are found in Interact, which provides a complete list of all the site’s quizzes, polls, and rich-media illustrations and games.

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Surfing the Calendar

National Columnists Day
Jun 24, 2003
Start of Korean War
Jun 25, 1950
Helen Keller birthday
Jun 27, 1880
Mildred J. Hill composes
“Happy Birthday to You”

Jun 27, 1829

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