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July 23, 2003

Dear Reader,

So I was like, “What happened to the past tense of say?” She was like, “But I like the word ‘like.'”
I like the word “like” too. But I also still like the word “said.”
Have you heard it yet? Out of the mouths of pre-teens — especially the one in my house. No one actually “says” anything anymore … they just “was like” it.
I think if I just like ignore it, it will like go away. Gee, this new word is so like versatile!
Want to like add your two cents?

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman

“Surfing the Net with Kids”

Journal Writing


They can be written by hand, or typed on a computer. You might keep yours private, or share it with the world. Some call them diaries; others prefer the word journal; and online afficionados often call them blogs (which evolved as a concatenation of the phrase “Web log.”) Finding your voice through journal writing is a skill that improves with practice. Learn how to start with today’s site selections.

Creative Writing Prompts



Delivering on the promise of their title, Creative Writing Prompts serves fresh ideas to get your pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. “Write a story about an empty glass.” “Begin a story with the line, ‘The clock winked.'” In addition to the nearly daily online prompts (which are archived back to June), the site offers a free download of Write Sparks! Lite, a Windows program that delivers writing prompts right from your desktop.




“Whether you call us diarists, journalers, or bloggers, we’ve got everything you need to know all about the people who tell all.” Best clicks are the Spark writing prompts (look for the link in the lower right-hand corner), the Diarist.net Guide (a how-to for wannabees), and the collection of celebrity blogs. The list of journaling hosts is good, but since it is several years old, the newer blogging tools are noticeably absent. And when browsing the directory of diaries, please keep in mind that not all personal journals are appropriate for young kids.

Elementary Writing Prompts



“Would you like to be famous?” “What would you do if you found a magic wand?” Written specifically for Canadian elementary teachers, but appropriate for a much wider audience, this long list of more than two hundred writing prompts is enough to keep anyone writing for years. The prompts are organized into questions that ask “Who, what, where, and when?” as well as “I wish,” “Describe” and “Miscellaneous.”

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