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August 13, 2003

Dear Reader,

In the spirit of summertime fun, Surfnetkids has posted two new games this week.

  1. Mona Lisa’s smile has enchanted generations of admirers. But what if it had been a grin or a frown? Take out your mouse, and warp Mona Lisa into something truly hilarious at:
    Surfnetkids Warp Mona Lisa
  2. Towers of Hanoi was invented in 1883 by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas. He was inspired by a Hindu legend that tells of a pyramid puzzle used for the mental discipline of young priests. The legend says that the priests were given a stack of sixty-four gold disks, each one a little smaller than the one beneath it. Their assignment was to transfer the sixty-four disks from one of three poles to another, only placing smaller disks on larger ones. The Hindu story said that when the priests finished their work, the universe would vanish. Our online version uses only seven discs, and doesn’t seem to have the power to end the world. Try it at:
    Surfnetkids Towers of Hanoi

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

Interactive Coloring


Pirate Coloring Book
Popcorn Coloring Book
More Surfnetkids Coloring Books

(Teach your kids how to make games just
like these with my step-by-step manual. )

Many of the coloring pages found on the Net are the print-and-play variety. Print out the black and white picture and use your crayons to color them in. Today’s sites, however, are virtual coloring books you color, paint and draw right on your computer screen. These interactive coloring pages are great for preschoolers, kindergartners and budding artists of all ages.




This site hits the mark with a large selection of pictures and the ability to e-mail your completed masterpieces to friends and family with a personal note. Not only can you fill the pictures with colors, but also with patterns such as twinkling stars, grass or granite. Free registration allows you to save completed pictures in your personal gallery, and to change the background color of the site. My only complaint is the annoying screen refresh each time color is applied.

Kaleidoscope Painter



Now for something totally different: Kaleidoscope Painter creates colorful spiraling fractal designs based on the movement of your mouse. You can change the effects by moving your mouse or resizing the brush. You can even put it on Auto and watch as the mesmerizing lacy designs create themselves. Guaranteed to capture your imagination.

Puzzle Factory: Coloring



Just when you think you know how to color online, Puzzle Factory comes along with new rules. Instead of clicking on a color, select it with a keyboard letter (“r” for red or “b” for blue) and hold that key down while you drag your mouse over the picture. What a fun way to learn letters! To change the size of your paintbrush (they call it a pencil), simply tap a number from 0 to 9. Want to share the fun? Pick any of the coloring pages, and send it to a friend as a postcard.

=============> These site reviews (and more!) are available as a two-page printable clickable classroom handout. Try a free look with a Surfnetkids Printables Club risk-free 10-day trial membership.

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