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August 20, 2003

Dear Reader,

Oops! In my excitement over adding an RSS newsletter to the Surfnetkids lineup, I forgot to mention that the existing email newsletters (in both text and HTML) will continue. The new RSS edition is simply another choice. If you missed the announcement, and want to learn more about RSS, you can read it here.

Were you caught in the blackout? Were your kids caught in the blackout? My son was. Read more about my very bad day at the Surfnetkids Journal.

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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Frog Scrambler

(Teach your kids how to make games just
like these with my step-by-step manual. )

Years ago, while standing in my driveway at night, a frog hopped onto my foot. I probably screamed (wouldn’t you?) but when I saw what it was, I bent down to pick him up. We kept the frog for awhile, feeding him live crickets and naming him Hoppy, before releasing him into a wetlands preserve near our house. These sites are for you, Hoppy. Wherever you may be.

All About Frogs for Kids and Teachers



Oodles of frog facts organized as questions and answers make All About Frogs an excellent first hop on our online frog tour. Beyond the Q’s and A’s you’ll find fun frog crafts, songs and poems, original froggie clipart (free for non-commercial use), and links to lesson plans for K-8 teachers. Although the bulk of this site is for elementary students, middle and high-school students will find links to sites with more in-depth coverage under More Frog Facts and Information.

CGEE: A Thousand Friends of Frogs



In August 1995, students from the Minnesota New Country School found deformed frogs near the Minnesota River. A research scientist from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency wondered what else might be found if thousands of kids were looking in their backyards and so A Thousand Friends of Frogs was born. To study frogs in your hometown, click on Students/Get Involved. There is a data sheet you can use to collect your findings, and lots to learn about frogs as bio-indicators in the Science section.

Exploratorium: Frogs



My pick of the day comes from The Exploratorium museum of San Francisco. Visit to enjoy the well-written articles, illustrated with photos and video clips. The lead feature, The Amazing Adaptable Frog, is a must see, as is the click-and-hear (ribbit, ribbit) Frog Tracker exhibit. For something a little different, venture beyond biology with Tales and Tours, where you can become acquainted with Frog City, Louisiana or learn about Frog Myths Across Cultures.

=============> These site reviews (and more!) are available as a two-page printable clickable classroom handout. Take a free look with a risk-free 10-day trial membership in Surfnetkids Printables Club.

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