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September 17, 2003

Dear Reader,

I’m researching copyright, fair use, and music piracy for an upcoming Surfnetkids column, and I came across this great multi-part article:
Copyrights and Copying Wrongs for Teachers

It answers questions about what can and can’t be freely used in lessons, presentations, reports, and on school websites. It also gives an overview of public domain works.

It’s an excellent article, but I probably won’t include it in my column because I try to focus on sites for kids to use (not sites for teachers.) Of course, sometimes these two audiences overlap, so we’ll see.

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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Greek Mythology


Greek Olympians Word Search

(Teach your kids how to make games just
like this with my step-by-step manual.)

“Boy, she really opened Pandora’s box this time!” “That’s certainly his Achilles heel, isn’t it?” Is this a new kind of slang? No, these are references to Greek myths. Greek mythology is a collection of tales told by the ancient Greeks about their many gods and heroes. Beside being just plain fun to read, understanding these myths opens the door to understanding the many allusions to these ancient Greek stories in modern language, poetry, literature and pop culture.

Greek Mythology



From Aphrodite to Zeus, Michael Wiik covers the immortals of Greek mythology with brief bios and a pronunciation key. “The names are NOT hard to pronounce, don’t let them scare you. The Greeks don’t use C’s… they use K’s instead.” Best clicks for high-school students are the three Fun Fact Quizzes, and the useful table of Greek Names vs. Roman Names. “Greek Mythological Beings are often confused with the Romans. They are, for the most part, completely different and the names should not be used interchangeably.”

Greek Mythology Today: Myth Man



Enjoy a well-told myth? Then Myth Man’s Myth of the Month is for you. If you’re working on a school report, head directly to Homework Help. With 200 reference pages, Myth Man’s Homework Help section is huge. It includes an illustration gallery, two printable (non-interactive) quizzes, Mythology in Modern Culture, and biographies of major and minor Olympians. Navigation is confusing at times because some of the category links take you offsite (while displaying the Myth Man URL in your browser address bar) so use your back button if you get lost.




Explore Greek mythology through the eye of the artist at Mythography. The site is divided into sections on Gods & Goddesses, Heroes & Heroines, Lovers & Legends, and Creatures & Chimerae. As you drill down through the directory, you’ll find great hyperlinked articles, many of them from “Bulfinch’s Mythology,” a classic tome on Greek mythology. But the best clicks are those labeled Gallery, which will take you to a thumbnail display of related artworks.

=============> These site reviews (and more) are available as a two-page printable clickable classroom handout. Take a free look with a risk-free 10-day trial membership in Surfnetkids Printables Club.

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